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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Creatures Anathema (Questions 11-20)

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11. Concerning the Logos Daemonis' Piercing, Crushing Ribbons. Does it choose either I or R each time it attacks? Or is it one type for the entire encounter?
————— > The former. 
12. Does the Logos Daemon also get to attack up to 10m away with a corpse limb? Or is it only the ribbons?
———— > Just the ribbons, as noted. 
13. It's not a question but reading it made me immediately love Merov. In the first adventure seed for Obliviates is the phrase "30 rival Brother-Generals" was pretty great. So evocative of an interesting culture and society.
14. How often can a Schismatical attempt "Machine Contagion"? Every round? A free action?
————— > Once a round. I’d say this is a Full Action. 
15. If a Schimatical tries to take over a character with cybernetic implants and fails to get 4DoS before their target is it excised? Or does the Schismatical keep attempting to take over the individual until it is removed with data-cants, incense, and the Hard -20 Tech Use test?
———— > The target isn’t trying to also score DoS; it’s not a race. So the latter is correct. 
16. Are there rules (that you know of) for the Servitor Slaver Needles that the tech-witches have? Or do you have any recommendations on rules?
———— > No real rules. They basically are part of the enslavement process and ongoing control; a servitor must have them to be enslaved. 
17. In relation to "The Needles, By the Emperor!" so the neuro interface needles look particularly different from the other random needles in the surface of the servitor?
———— > I’d say a test would be needed to tell the difference, perhaps with Forbidden Lore or Tech-Use.
18. Another question concerning two of the journal entry for Felroth Gelt, the one for the tech-witches of Tole takes place on the same date as the entry for the schismaticals. Any input on the putting the dates in to an order?
————— > Nope, sorry. 
19. Should the Vore-Weapon's movement be based on 5 AB when it should feasibly only be 2 AB (((3 AB characteristic -2 for Puny size)/2 round up for Crawler) x2 for Unnatural Speed)?
———— > No. NPC movement rates are allowed to break the normal rules for calculating movement. 
20. Do talents that affect the Called Shot modifier also affect the chance of hitting the target from "Get it off Me! ?
———— > Yep! It’s a called shot after all. 

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