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SRAM 1/144

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Today did I finally get my SRAM models, I think it took 4 months to get them but I did get a few planes that are impossible to find in the scale otherwise,  planes that were common like Albatross CX and LVG C5 together with some rather uncommon like Fokker DI. 

First look: Some of them look rather simple to put together and I just need to replace the struts with piano wire so I can play with them. Others (particularly Caparoni CA3 that looks like a total nightmare of which like I never seen before) will take a lot of work before they can be used.

Here are some pictures of how the boxes look outside and inside: 1, 2

I will post a review later when I have built a few with pictures of the process. Most of the planes I bought will probably never be made into Wow models so if you are a WW1 nut like me this might be the only way to get them.

Resin isn't ultimate for Wargames but I think they will hold fine enough as long as I don't use resin struts and superglue everything but that is also something I will find out as I go :).

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Well, I did get the first plane put together. It was a Junkers CLI (a monoplane, I chose it first since it was the easiest one).The plane in itself costed something like 17 euro.

It wasn't as hard as I feared but it is the easiest one I bought. Took me about 1 1/2 hour still but I was really careful. The body and wings were very nice done (and they are the stuff I need, the rest can I make in worst case). The smaller parts like guns were however not at all as well made, I decide to replace the Parabellum gun with an old spare Reverisco gun (they are nice enough to give some spare stuff sometimes).

The wheels were fine enough but I still used some Reviresco wheels too.

It also misses crew, had a single one lying around and carved the pilot out of a small tin piece.


Nice body and wings

Impossible to get in 1/144 from anywhere (and it is a cool plane)


Small details were poorly made and Resin works fine for larger part but for anything thinner than a propeller it is a problem

I would say that the plane looks about as good as a Wow plane. The details on wings and fuselage are better than Wows but the smaller stuff is worse. I can't give it as good grades as Reviresco however because of the smaller parts.

I recommend this kit for anyone that just have to have a Junkers CLI, it does cost somewhat more than anything from Reviresco or Skytrex (about the same as a Wow plane) and you will be forced to Improvise a bit. There are of course other 2 seaters that were a lot more used and is a better buy, like a Halberstadt CLII (but the CLII was mostly used for ground attack and not for scouting). 

I do think that I will use my Albatross CX and Rumpler CIV more when actually playing but I am still glad I got this one, the plane was in many ways 10 or more years before it's time. And yes, I was too lazy to take any pictures with this plane but I will do it with one or more of the others.

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 I am currently putting primer on my junker CI and Albatross CX. It seems like the resin is a bit hard to paint, the colour isn't sticking as good as I hoped.A few thin layers of primer should work fine.

I have the wings of a Fokker DVI in waiting with white spray paint sprayed on it for like 10 times, it needs to be good white before I can put the lozenge on it (revirescos Lozenge, it is really good).

Still no pictures since I am rather lazy but I will take some once the painting is on. 

The Albatross CX was some work since I had problems with gluening the piano-wire struts (the original resin struts were just to brittle) on the resin wings, it was a little tricky but it seems to be fine now and should handle being used in a game.

Overall they actually look pretty gold even though I only had 1 spare crew member and had to improvise the rest of them. I think I can get them to look as good as the original Wow planes.

I really needed those 2 planes, Wow doesn't have a single German 2 seater after Roland got retired in mid '17 so these babies should make my game a lot better. :) I heard some rumor about Halberstadt CLII or Hannover CLII for Wow but even if they came out it is not a good replacement for the Roland since the planes were used for different missons (I have a Reviresco Halberstadt CLII for the games also, and a Junker CLI).

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