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A Humiliating Defeat!

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Daqan (me) vs Uthuk. First time playing against them, gosh they move quick.

Oathsworn Cavalry [46] 2x3
Forged In Battle [4]
Column Tactics [4]
Total Unit Cost: 54

Rune Golems [28] 2x1
Visored Helms [7]
Total Unit Cost: 35

Rune Golems [17] 1x1
Total Unit Cost: 17

Spearmen [18] 2x1
Rallying Cornicen [4]
Total Unit Cost: 22

Kari Wraithstalker [32] 1x1
Fortunas Dice [6]
Total Unit Cost: 38

Heavy Crossbowmen [27] 3x1
Tempered Steel [3]
Rank Discipline [4]
Total Unit Cost: 34

Berserkers [50] 3x3
War Crier [5]
Wind Rune [6]
Frontline Spined Thresher [7]
Bull Pennon [3]
Aggressive Shrieker [5]
Total Unit Cost: 76

Flesh Rippers [38] 2x2
Rank Discipline [4]
Total Unit Cost: 42

Ravos the Everhungry [40] 1x1
Viscera Goblet [7]
Insatiable Hunger [3]
Total Unit Cost: 50

Spined Threshers [28] 2x1
Total Unit Cost: 28

Game was Demoralize Their Forces and Standoff, with two Rocky Outcrops and a Blighted Ground. I deployed a defensive bunker around Kari and the Crossbowmen, knowing the Uthuk would come to me. The HOPE was to hold them off long enough with the Spearmen and Golems to get good ranged damage in and then clean up. Let's see how it went...

Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/haub6OL4RLl8X5ww2


The Uthuk move across the field and the Daqan prepare to face them, with the notable exception of the Spearmen who turning charge. I do not know what happened here, I was as surprised as you are. The Berserkers and Oathsworn eye each other, neither committing forward very far.

End of turn 1: Ty4cbqX2docbYUT1ud5uBFPchn2gHlwvGGgrWmuc

Ravos and the Flesh Rippers both make it into contact. With the Spearmen so far up their Rune Golem buddy has no chance of supporting them, so they're up against Ravos alone.

Turn 2 goes about how you'd expect: Ravos eats half the Spearmen and the Spined Threshers take care of the rest, while the Rune Golems and Flesh Rippers trade blows. The Oathsworn speculatively charge late, but miss because the Berserkers have only cautiously shifted up. Kari reforms to flank the Flesh Rippers, and Ravos advances at the end of turn and deals her a wound. The Crossbowmen fire on Ravos, but even with the reroll they get no hits! (just tempered steel)


Kari gets her charge off, doing some damage to the Flesh Rippers and putting 4 wounds on Ravos. The Crossbowmen try again, this time getting a single hit (6 damage across two volleys is by far the worst I've ever seen them do). With Visored Helms exhausted the Flesh Rippers manage to do two wounds to the Rune Golems, taking minimal casualties in return. Ravos charges Kari and swallows her whole, then at the end of the turn manages to scoot to within range 1 of the remaining Golem and stuff it in his maw as well. The Spined Threshers pull off a turning flank charge on the solo Golem, who foresaw his death and armored up at least. 

Over on the other side of the board, the Oathsworn charge as early as they can, killing a respectable 9 Berserkers, just in time to eat the return attack for a whopping 16 damage! Things are looking very bad.


It's pretty much all over at this point. The Uthuk continue to mop up the rest of the Daqan, and win in a landslide.


  • I clearly forgot to set the dial on the Spearmen first turn, so the premise of their defending while the Golem flanks and the Crossbows rain bolts remains untested
  • Uthuk are fast. I should have set up further back in my deployment zone.
  • 2x3 Cav won't compete head to head against a deathstar, and especially with their Wind Rune doesn't stand a chance of outmaneuvering it. This unit needs to support the rest of the army better.
  • Golems with Visored Helms... I dunno. The time I used it was perfect, turning an 8-damage hit from 2 wounds to 1, and I should have used the Rally to ready it rather than the useless Defense modifier. I'll play it again, but at 35 points it does NOT feel great, and anything that bypasses Defense will be incredibly effective.
  • Ravos is Pac-Man, and needs to be bursted down before he ruins your whole day!

An enjoyable game with a great opponent, but yikes did it ever not go well for me.

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I’ve been thinking abut this and as an Uthuk player I do not care at all how far back in your deployment you are because I can and will (if I want) cover that ground in one turn, I’m only worried about your arrangement. If you put your units in a way that I’m forced to run through your blockers, then it forces some caution from me. 

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