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Force Majeure

Epic Simulator?

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Does anyone know of one?

I like standard 100/6. I've played Epic twice and was in my happy place instantly both times. It seems my area is entirely focused on standard play so the opportunity to scratch that itch is virtually non-existent.

So speaking of virtual... we have Vassal, Table-Top Simulator, Squadron Benchmark and Fly Casual to simulate 100/6. I haven't explored Vassal or TTS yet. Is there somewhere to do this for Epic?

Thanks in advance.

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Thankfully, Mu0n has included tokens and such to allow for Epic play in Vassal. I've played about 7 games of Epic on Vassal, two of which were part of a CR90 campaign competition, but it kind of fizzled out after the 2nd mission.

I do like playing Epic on Vassal, but I have so many other things going on right now, that it's hard to make the time for it. But the nice thing is, if your opponent agrees, you can save state, and then come back to it later, but usually the writing is on the wall by the time you want to quit, and the loser would rather start a new game than finish the old one.

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