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Outmaneuver X-7s

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Not a huge Deathfire fan, but I think Outmaneuver is an underrated card for /x7 defenders.  However, I think I'd probably go with Colonel Vessery over Maarek Stele.  Vess has both Focus and TL, while Maarek only gets one.  But since Vessery has both mods, the only way to increase his offense is to reduce the enemy's agility.  I might also go with PTL on Ryad, even though Focus/TL isn't as good as Focus/Outmaneuver in terms of best-case, I think the average case is better, and it helps set up Vessery for his TL.

PTL/Mk.II Ryad, Outmaneuver Vess (no Mk.II), and Delta /x7 fits in at 100 points exactly.

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