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Elder Thing

Various rules questions

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Just getting back into Eldritch Horror after not playing for a while. I wonder if anyone can assist with the following questions.


1) Spending a .... to place a.... When I first came across this, I thought you needed two of the relevant type of token (basically, clues or focus), one to discard and a second to then place on whatever card is involved (generally a Rumour or a Task asset). However, some comments I've read online suggest that in fact you only need one; you discard one and then take one to place on the card from the pool of available ones. Which is correct?

2) What happens if you are required to draw a card which is already in play (like, for example, starting with a new investigator after one has been defeated, and one of their starting assets is already in play)?

3) Effects which require clues to be removed, such as failing the 'Lost Knowledge' Rumour, would not remove clues which have been used for some other purpose, such as being placed on a task asset. If this is correct?

4) Even if your investigator is at maximum health and sanity, it's still permissible to take Rest actions in order to gain some other benefit, such as rolling to discard a condition, or using the 'When you perform a Rest action...' effect on a Task Asset. Is this correct?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

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1. Only one. Mainly for the ones that have an effect that allows them to pay less. There are other phrasing where you place the one you had, then those effects have no use.

2. They don't get it. Some other stuff is infinite even though there are finite number of tokens (like improvements).

3. I think that is correct.

4. Yes, you can rest even at full health.

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