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Destiny Drafts at Bluegrass Magic Gameshop, Louisville, KY

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Star Wars Destiny is on the rise in Louisville, Kentucky! After a massive 97 person Regional, we are looking to continue building our local community beyond our one weekly event at The Destination. I have been talking to different LGS's trying to see if any other venues may be interesting in hosting. Finally, we have one shop looking to get things started again.

Bluegrass Magic Gameshop is looking to host a draft event this Saturday, February 24th, starting around 1 or 2. There will be six Draft packs available in the store for those that do not have one. Prizes will be based on attendance. If you are interested, please comment below so we can get an idea of numbers.

If the turnout is good for this and there is enough ongoing interest, I'm sure a more regular event at this shop could take place.

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Good stuff! Great place to play. Great community continuing to build up in Louisville!

Make sure to ask about their league events in the Louisville area as well!


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