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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Creatures Anathema (Questions 1-10)

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I forgot to mention the last batch of questions from Disciples was...well the final batch I had for that book and I had moved on to Creatures Anathema in the meantime. Anyways here's the first batch of questions.

1. Should any skill levels ending in "5" be rounded up on Noxt?
——— > Nope

2. Should Noxt's movement be based of 3 AB when he only has 2 AB?
———— > Nope. NPC stats can always break the rules. 

3. Does Ghilliam have one "l" or two? The Inquisitor's Handbook uses 1, but Creatures Anathema uses 2 when speaking of them in reference to Hullghasts.
———— > two is correct. 

4. Concerning the Transfigured's "Lesser Contagion" is there a known cure to the Plague? Or is it basically a "Burn a Fate Point" situation?
——— >  The latter, unless the GM either has already established to the contrary, or just feels like making it a very nasty illness. It’s always up to the GM how they want to use the rules as written though. 

5. Also concerning "Lesser Contagion" should the mutations be major immediately? Or start minor and progress? If progression what would you recommend in relation of mutation to timeframe?
———— > Whichever feels best for the campaign and current encounter. Slow is always more horrific, unless it’s an NPC who can go bad fast to show how nasty this is. Growing it over a daily timeframe feels nice to me, but again it’s up to the GM as to what fits best for what’s going on at the time. 

6. When it describes Teruxyne as a "colony hive" in the adventure seeds for the Drusus Plagues is that a planetary designation? I've never heard of such a term in 40k before.
——— > I’d imagine it to be a lesser hiveworld. You could also use the term for a smaller hive on a hiveworld, one dependent on a larger hive. 

7. The profile for "False-men" has an entry in the skills section as follows:

"Scholastic Lore (any one) (Int), (Int) +10, Secret Tongue (Techno-Cant) (Int) +10"

Any idea on what's up with the random (Int) +10? Is it supposed to be for the Scholastic lore, perhaps it's for the Speak Language that doesn't have an attached characteristic, or is the False-men profile missing a skill?
——— > Good question! It looks like a skill is missing. That it’s supposed to be part of Speak Language feels fitting, so let’s go with that. 

8. Concerning the journal entry for Felroth Gelt, the one for the False-men takes place on the same date as the entry for the Deaming Dead. I'm trying to put them in a chronological order, for Felroth's biographical information, you don't happen to know if one takes place before/after the other and the date do you?
———— > Nope, sorry. Up to you there. 

9. Is it Logi Daemonis or Logos Daemonis? Or they interchangable?
——— > If referring to one, the latter. If referring to more than one of them, the former. 

10. Does the Logos Daemon's "Chattering Daemon Voices" ignore the rule for being immune to possession for 24 hours if you win the WP test? Unsure on the wording since it seems to be able to possess those who look in to the light each round.
——— > I’d say no; that’s a standard rule and ideally this entry would say to ignore it if that were so.

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