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The best "run right at them" list,what is it?

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4 x Deadeye, Cruise Missile, Guidance Chips black sun aces. Add your favourite 1 pt illicit.

Speed 4 Straight + focus action = on average 12 hits and 6 crits. Enough to wipe out a decimator or Ghost right of the bat even if one if your guys gets ps killed.

Or a high agility ace like Kylo/soontir.

Or a regeneration rebel bomber.

And you will be left with 3/4 ps5 khiracz fighters with a fun illicit.

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7 hours ago, Velvetelvis said:

You know what...were afraid to run 8 tie fighters. 

I'l bet they are actually fine.

I was gonna say this but the OP didn’t mention OG jousting, just ‘run right at em!’  TIEs swarm, they don’t just charge blindly.  

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8 hours ago, darthlurker said:

Quadruple Auzitucks with Wookiee Commandos seems like it should be on this list, despite how much I dislike facing them.

They actually kinda suck at the "fly straight at them" thing. Mainly because they lack a turn-around maneuver than even T-65s take for granted. As soon as your own jousting squad is behind them, it's over.

5 hours ago, Wretch said:

A heavy swarm of scum Z 95s with glitterstim, guidance chips, and your missile of choice can throw some pain for a jousting alpha strike.

The trouble is that it's a beta strike - you can't get the target lock on the first turn of combat. So you're pretty much limited to cluster missiles, which aren't bad, but 2-3 of your ships are gone before you start doing damage, and you can't really focus fire with them. Maybe a Quadjumper with targeting synchroniser and targeting computer Quadjumper would allow the alpha strike with Harpoon missiles, but it's unlikely, and that quadjumper accomplishes nothing itself for 20 points.

If you want to use Z-95s, 4 of them with Hotshot Blasters and a YV-666 with Jabba and anti-ace tech is a pretty solid option.

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