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Right so made it to the train station in 40 minutes. Either driving rain makes you walk faster or it isn't the trek I thought it was. I really hope the spare clothes I brought in my back pack didn't get soaked. Highlight included singing to myself randomly about armada and passing two drunk guys in the Main Square where was yelling I don't give a duck at the other. Not sure if a fight was about to break out or that was someone about to come out and declare their love. Sometimes it's hard to tell with Irish people. I was going to check if everything was alright but I figure if it wasn't the .out I could do is collapse at them. 

@thecactusman17 nope it's in Thommod park the stadium for the Munster rugby team and you would be surprised how not being able to drive helps your walking ability. I am not sure how to get there just yet but that's a problem for later.  I work in a place with an open ice ream freezer so I'm not the thirst myself. 

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