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RoockieBoy goes to the Barcelona Regional (Spain)

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Hi guys! A few weeks ago I went to Barcelona (Spain) to take part in the X-Wing Regionals. As in last year's Regional in Asturias, (batrep here) I took my Corran/Jake/Ahsoka, but tweaked it a bit, to have more maneuverability in Corran. This is the list I used.



I've been playing the game since early 2016, and had been to 2 Regionals previously (Madrid 2017 and Asturias 2017), and had gone 4-2 in both of them, but missed the cut with poor MOV, so my goal this year was to try and go 5-1, to make sure I made the cut. There were 123 players, so Top 16, and as there were multiple BYEs being used, only one 4-2 would make the cut.

Round 1 vs Gerard Moreno (Kanan/Lowwhrick/Zeb)



My deployment:




Jake flanks fast, Ahsoka and Corran slow roll, to maximize Rey's focuses.


My plan was to get Lowhhrick asap, so I could focus on the Ghost later.


But we get to the first combat round and Lowhhrick is out of range, so I go after the Ghost. Corran and Ahsoka both focus. Jake tokens up but it's out of the fight yet.


Ahsoka spends focus in the combat phase to give Corran a free action, so he TLs the Ghost and PTL for an evade.


Corran double taps but I only take 3 shields off the Ghost


and Corran lost 2 shields to the TLT...


      Next turn I intend to bump Corran into the Ghost to avoid being shot and also recover a shield, so I dial a 3 straight. My opponent saw my intentions and dialed a 3 bank on Lowhhrick to bump Corran, and a 1 straight on the Ghost to stay in place. His plan works, and Corran bumps Lowhhrick, staying at R1 in arc of the Ghost. Jake gets out of rear arc of the Ghost at R2. Thanks to Ahsoka's ability, I am able to save Corran. With her free action, Corran BRs out of Lowhhrick's way and boosts forward to end up at R1 of the Ghost, but out of arc, so he won't get shot this turn. 


Jake takes 1 or 2 shields off Kanan, but loses a shield to the 4 TLT attacks.


Next turn Corran runs away from TLT range while regenerating the last shield. Lowhhrick had to break formation in order to avoid the little rock, so now the Ghost will be on its own for a few turns. Jake is able to get into the R1 bubble to stay safe.


Few turns later Corran is back into action, but out of range of the Ghost, so he goes after Lowhhrick, who is still turning around. Jake gets into the R1 hole again.


      Jake is able to sneak 2 hits and a crit through, and the Ghost uses Chewbacca to discard the crit and gain a shield back. Corran double taps, and takes all three shields off Lowhhrick.


Jake loses his last shield to Lowhhrick's R2 shots, but Corran is back at full health.


      A few turns later Jake tries to run away from the Ghost, as a rock protects the Ghost's flank, and I fear ending in the rear arc. Lowhhrick is also in Jake's back applying pressure. Corran is able to catch Lowhhrick's back at R1, and a double tap later, Lowhhrick's gone. Jake survives the TLTs


A few turns later time is running out and I try to get the Ghost's full points but I'm not able to, as it survives on 2-3 hull. Jake survives.


I win 55-0

To be continued...

Edited by RoockieBoy

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Round 2 vs Ivan Sanchez (Asajj/Cartel Brute/2x Binayre pirates)

(list in Spanish)


       Weird list, trying to exploit the "shoot-your-own-guys-droid", and as the Z-95 both have dead man's switch, they are quite scary. Asajj always gives me trouble, so my first target would be the harpoon carrier, the Kimogila.

Setup (sorry for the picture, too much light on my back)


Jake flanks, trying to get Asajj's attention. Corran and Ahsoka slow roll on my left.


Jake turns left and tries to bait Asajj and the Z-95 to pursue him. Meanwhile Corran has a R3 obstructed shot on the Kimogila. Nothing happens.


Next turn the Kimogila moves forward and Corran zooms past its arc to avoid the Harpoon. Jake, who is carying 2 enemy TLs keeps running away from Asajj and the Z-95.


      Next turn the Kimogila lands on a rock trying to avoid it, and Corran sees an opening. He gets into R1 with TL and focus. Jake keeps doing what he does best, and can't be caught by Asajj and the Z-95. Corran double taps the Kimogila, and takes both shields off, deals one damage card, and 2 crits (PS0, and Damaged engine).


Next turn Corran runs away to get another pass. Jake keeps dodging Asajj. The Kimogila decides to 4k.


 Next turn the Kimogila changes the TL from Corran to Jake, and fires the first Harpoon, but thanx to ATs, focus and evade, Jake is fine.


This is how the enemy ships are right now, with 20 minutes on the clock... I need to kill something quick, to avoid a 10 vs 7 final salvo


My ships are brand new


Next turn Corran is able to finish the Kimogila with the double tap.


Ahsoka had used BMSTs on the shieldless Z-95 who had done a 3k, and was dealt one face down damage card.


Corran lost 2 shields on a lucky R2 shot from a tokenless Z-95.


      Last round is called and I try to finish the wounded Z-95 to get better MOV. Corran is out of position so I try to chase Asajj and get half points with the double tap if I'm very lucky. Jake does a 5k, ending at R1 of the wounded Z-95, who also did a 3k. BMSTs fail, but Jake's R1 shot kills the Z-95. Corran doesn't get to R1 of Asajj so it's impossible to get her to half health.


I win 40-0

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Round 3 vs David Ametier (Nym/Rebel Operative/Crimson Specialist):

Opponent's list:

Nym, VI, ABT, Bomblet, Trajectory, LRS, Havoc

Crimson Specialist, Trajectory, Silos, Proton Bombs, Hyperwave, Deflective plating

Rebel Operative, TLT, Sabine Wren, Moldy Crow


      OK, so not a list I want to see. Especially those Proton Bombs on Corran are really scary. If one of them hits, and I pull a direct hit, Corran goes boom. I'll have to play very conservatively. Also, Nym can kill Ahsoka pretty easily if she gets too close to the action, and she doesn't like bombs either... Well, even Jake hates them haha. The HWK seems like the squishiest target, and is carrying Sabine, so I'll try and go after it.

      So Jake flanks on my right, and Corran and Ahsoka slow roll on my left. I try to bait the bomber into thinking Corran is going to go diagonally to my right with a fast move, so he banks in, allowing me to get on his blind side, so he can't use the trajectory next turn. Corran TLs the bomber, and Ahsoka focuses. Jake tokens up as usual.


Nym launches his first bomblet, to cut off some of Jake's moves. 


Nym TLs Ahsoka, and in the combat phase, Ahsoka spends her focus and Corran focuses and boosts to get into R2. After doing the boost I realized I had got too close to the bomber...


Corran double taps and I strip all shields off the bomber, deal a damage card and a direct hit. Nice start!


Next turn the bomber drops a proton bomb on the edge of his base and does a 1 forward. Not looking good for Corran...


I did a 1 straight trying to be conservative, but even though I BR to my left, I'll still be in range of the bomb...

Jake turns left to help out, and Ahsoka stays close to Corran. Bomb goes off and I cross my fingers...


Yeah! Shaken pilot! Nym fires at Jake doing nothing, the HWK is still very far away and the bomber does nothing to Corran.


      Next turn the bomber drops another proton bomb and stays still. Corran, who couldn't do a straight maneuver, has to BR and boost to stay out of the bomb's range. Ahsoka also goes left to avoid the bomb. Jake turns away from Nym's trajectory range. Nothing relevant happens. Nym prevents the proton bomb from going off.


      Next turn the bomber drops another proton bomb trying to get Ahsoka and Jake. Jake turns right and starts doing his "arc dodging" to token up until I realize how stupid I've been. I just ended right in Nym's way, at R2! Trajectory bomblet incoming! 


At least Ahsoka and Corran are fine... Jake rolls hot on the bomblet and I lose 2 shields. Sabine adds a damage card...


      A few rounds later time starts running out, and I'm winning by 18 points (half points on the bomber), but if Jake receives 1 more damage, I lose. The bomber has ran away to prevent me from finishing it (has only 3 hull left), so I try to go after the HWK with Corran, but I only end up at R2. Nym tries to get the last hull on Jake to win the game, but it will be at R3 and Jake is all tokened up.


I fail to kill the Hawk with Corran and Nym fails to kill Jake...


So I win by 18 points.

Win 18-0


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Round 4 vs Oriol Salvador (Asajj/Boba):

Opponent's list:

Boba, Fearlessness, HSCP, EU, Glitterstim

Asajj, VI, Glitterstim, Scavenger crane, Latts Razzi, Title, Countermeasures

Ok so I'm 3-0 at this point, buf facing my nemesis: Asajj Ventress. From my days of mindlinked scyks I've hated this girl. She just destroys me everytime. In this list she's PS8, so I think for a while if I should give my opponent the initiative or not. If I do, I'll be able to arc dodge, but if she catches me, I won't be able to escape in the combat phase as her stress will be dealt before I do my shenanigans...What would you guys do? 

I finally opted to go 2nd,  so we started.



Jake flanks, to make Asajj's choice of Aux arc more difficult. Corran and Ahsoka turn left, and she banks some focus tokens, as enemy ships walk around the board edge.


After a few turns, enemy ships K-turn, which lets Jake take a R3 shot on a tokenless Asajj. One hit goes through.


A few turns later all the fun begins... Asajj TLs Corran, who ends up at R2. Jake is also around, but Boba is too far.


Jake attacks, and I do the double tap with Corran, but thanks to Glitterstim and some hot rolls, Asajj only loses 1 shield.


      Next turn, it all falls apart. Asajj does an unexpected 3 turn that lands her on a rock. My opponent's face when he landed on the rock meant it was totally unexpected... but it worked. Boba banked in and TLd Jake, which left Jake in a very vulnerable place. At R1 of Boba in arc, and inside Asajj's aux arc. Corran bumped Asajj, and Ahsoka bumped Corran, leaving her too far to help Jake, who tired to BR out of Asajj's aux arc while getting a Focus and evade for defense. I wasn't able to get out of arc, so I still got the stress on Jake.

Boba used Glitterstim, and with fearlessness and a re-roll from his ability, got 4 hits and a crit on Jake. I get blank, blank, evade, and spend the evade to lose both shields, and take a console fire crit. Awesome.


      If last turn was horrible, it gets worse as I make a huge mistake this turn. Being so obsessed in saving Jake, I do everything to try and save him. I need a green maneuver, not be blocked, and get all my tokens, while flipping the crit. That's a lot of work! So Boba purposely bumps Asajj, while she moves out of the rock with a 2 turn. Corran purposely bumps Jake to make room for him, and Jake is able to fly away safely, and token up. Ahsoka lands near Jake, and gives him the free action to flip the card down. All worked out, didn't it? Well, I'll let you see the picture...


      Yes, Corran is sitting at R1 of BOTH enemy ships, which will shoot FIRST (Still think giving away the initiative was a good idea?). So it happens. Asajj's 4 red dice attack plus my 3 blanks take 3 shields off Corran, and then proceed to put him on the rock with the title... Luckily and don't take damage from the rock, but Boba's hot dice finish the job, and Corran goes poof... 


I was so frustrated I didn't realize my opponent just recovered Glitterstim on Asajj with the Scavenger Crane... Great.

A few turns later we're running out of time so I have to get aggressive with my 1 hull Jake, and I do quite some damage to Asajj, but she keeps rolling above average and I can't survive even though I have focus evade on 3 greens.


So it's Ahsoka against the world! 


I'm able to get Asajj down to 2-3 hull (probably should have done some more but you know... glitterstim...

Time is called and actually Ahsoka survives on 1 hull!

I lose 25-75

P.S. My opponent came over on the next round and apologised for the Glitterstim mistake, so no worries.

Edited by RoockieBoy

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Round 5 vs Nicolás Vega (Guri/Fenn/Thweek):

Opponent's list:

Fenn Rau, Attani, Title, Proton Torps, AT

Guri, Attani, Mk II title, AT

Thweek, FCS, Glitterstim, AT, Mk II title, Virago


      I was 3-1 at this point, and couldn't lose more games if I wanted to make the cut. We were both at 98 points, and I lost the roll, so he gave me initiative... Ouch. This would be a tough matchup for Ahsoka, as 2 scary ships could damage her, and also for Jake, as he'd be moving first. This was the most enjoyable match I had in the whole tournament. It all went down to the last roll! Also, my opponent had done some cool repaints and conversions on his ships:




Thweek (lost one of it's wings during the day):


Fenn Rau:


He split all three ships, so I tried to get Ahsoka and Corran on Fenn. If I was able to get Fenn at R2 of Corran maybe I could take him out with the double tap. Jake flanked as usual.


      It doesn't start very well, as Guri is able to block Jake, and Thweek comes fast to punish him for that. Thweek boosts and ends up at R2 of a tokenless Jake. As Guri will get herself and fenn a focus in the combat phase, Fenn is free to TL Corran for the Proton Toprs.


      I don't see a clear opening for Corran to arc dodge Fenn in the combat phase, so I change plans and BR + boost out of Fenn's way, and into Thweek. I end up at R2 of the viper. Ahsoka gets a focus from Rey just in case. Thweek sees the danger and uses glitterstim.


Jake only loses 1 shield, but Corran's double tap takes Thweek's shield off, and deals a major hull breach crit on the viper.


Not a bad start.


      A few turns go by and we haven't done much damage. Lots of arc dodging, but not too much luck attacking. Ahsoka is all the time trying to block Fenn, and she even got some nice R1 shots, but Fenn evaded. This pressure applied by Ahsoka proved very useful, as Fenn is usually attacking without mods, having to spend them in defense.



While Corran regens some shields, Jake goes into blocking mode as well... Right after taking the picture, Ahsoka BRs to her right and stays behind Fenn at R1.


She gets 3 hits, and Fenn only dodges 2!


Ahsoka is proving herself as the MVP this match.


Corran is almost back to full health, and Jake has only lost the first round shield. Ahsoka is new.


There was a turn Ahsoka was able to block both Fenn and Thweek at the same time!


Corran tries to hit a tokenless Thweek but I can't get through all those green dice.


Time runs out and we'll be playing the last round! We haven't killed any ship! I don't want to go to the final salvo as it'll be his 9 vs my 7, so I prepare a big end game with Corran.


      As you see in the pic above, Thweek has done a segnor and is stressed, Guri is a bit out of place, and Fenn is also facing the board edge, so I see my chance. I need Ahsoka to do her magic so I dial a 1 turn left. She will then BR up to get close to Corran, who will bank close to Fenn. Jake will speed up to try and have a shot on Fenn as well. My plan is to take him out this round and win. If I take him out, he has to take Corran out, or both Jake and Ahsoka.

      My plan works really well as my opponent segnor's with Guri, stressing Fenn, "forcing" him to do a 2 turn. He BRs out of Corran's arc, forgetting I'll do my combat phase repositions. Corran ends up at R1 of a tokenless Fenn with a TL and a Focus, while Jake also has Fenn at R2 so no ATs. My chances are high.


      Combat starts with Ahsoka getting a hit through on Thweek, which will be a crit due to the major hull breach. Thweek could have evaded the shot by spending the focus, but it's very unlikely he'll die (only a major explosion plus a direct hit will take his 3 hull in one volley). The crit is nothing relevant. Jake rolls 2 blanks on his R2 shot on Fenn. Not good. Thweek's TL was on Corran, who is now full back in health, so he decides to go after Ahsoka, to try and take her out. He only gets 2 hits and 2 blanks, but Ahsoka blanks out and stays on 1 hull.

      Fenn has no shot so we move into Corran. I start with a 4 dice attack and get 2 hits, a blank and a focus. I re-roll the blank and get another blank, so I spend the focus for 3 hits. Fenn rolls 2 evades out of 4 greens so he only loses 1 hull. Guri, who has no mods, fires a R2 obstructed shot on Ahsoka, but she survives! Phew! Corran double taps, getting 4 hits on Fenn. This will do it, right? Well, Fenn says no, and rolls 3 out of 4 natural evades, surviving on 1 hull.

I can't believe it. I planned an awesome last turn, everything worked out even better than expected, and the dice gods said no... Now I'll have to go to a final salvo in which I'm short on 2 dice...

We roll and... it's a tie! 5 hits each! The pressure is high, and everybody is around staring at us, as most games have already finished. We do the 2nd roll and... I WIN! Haha awesome!Despite his 9 to my 7, I'm able to beat him in the final salvo, and will go on to the last match with a chance of making the cut!

I win 0-0 (final salvo)




Edited by RoockieBoy

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The last game sounded brilliant - thanks very much for the reports so far they've been excellent.  :-) 

Also, well done for managing to take so many pictures (they really help with the narrative flow).  I get so sucked in to my games that I always forget after the first turn has started! 

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On 23/2/2018 at 5:09 PM, Kleeg005 said:

That was insane!  Sounds like a blast of a game, old school piloting-focused X-Wing.   So jealous!

Thanx! It was an awesome game. Lots of arc dodging and epic moments. One of the most fun games I've ever played.

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On 23/2/2018 at 5:25 PM, Elbastido said:

The last game sounded brilliant - thanks very much for the reports so far they've been excellent.  :-) 

Also, well done for managing to take so many pictures (they really help with the narrative flow).  I get so sucked in to my games that I always forget after the first turn has started! 

Thanx for the kind words. I really enjoy doing this batreps, even if it takes me some time to upload the photos and everything. Last game was a blast, yeah

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Round 5 vs Raúl Luque (Miranda/Lowhhrick/Fenn)


Miranda, TLT, C3-P0, Harpoons, Chips

Lowhhrick, Selflessness, Rey, Courier droid

Fenn Rau, Adaptability, HSCP, M9-G8


      So here we are! 4-1 record into the last round! If I win, I'll make the cut. If I don't, I have very little chance, as my MOV isn't great. Seeing Miranda on the other side doesn’t help, but seeing she doesn’t have any bombs makes me a lot happier. Going against Miranda is always the right choice, as you don’t want to see her in the end game but ooh man… this Miranda proved really hard to take down!

      First combat round sees Corran at R2 of Miranda with a TL and a Focus, and Jake in R1 of her but R2 if checking from the arc! Ohh man, she’ll be able to fire her harpoons on poor Jake. 


      Fenn goes first, doing nothing, but making Jake spend a focus thanks to Hot-Shot Co-Pilot. Jake misses, and Miranda takes a shield off to fire a 5 dice harpoon, getting 4 hits. Jake rolls blank, focus, evade, and spends both focus and evade to lose 2 shields.      


     Corran double taps Miranda but the damage is spread via Lowhhrick, so Miranda loses 2 shields and Lowhhrick another 2. Lowhhrick misses the shot on Jake, who is tokenless, and can't flip Intensity back.



Next turn Jake does a 5 forward and a focus + BR to get out of Fenn’s range, and be able to flip intensity.

      Miranda loses her last shield going through a rock, and makes Corran bump, which is actually good for me. Ahska also bumps, but that’s not good. I’ll need those focus tokens.


      Fenn is able to fire at Jake, which means I won’t have a spare focus for intensity. Lowhhrick blanks again (4 dice with 1 re-roll and a focus). Miranda is too far to hit Jake, so she can’t regen. From here on I almost didn’t take any pictures, as the time was running out and the tension was rising.

      Long story short, I tried desperately to bring Miranda down, but I failed. Last turn she was able to block Corran, and Lowhhrick blocked Jake, so I had a tough choice to make. Save Jake, giving him a focus action with Ahsoka, which would allow Jake to token up, or use Ahsoka’s ability to make Corran BR to double tap Miranda. I went with the “safest” choice, and saved Jake, but Corran then had to go after Lowhhrick, and I wasn’t able to bring him down, so we had to go to final salvo!


      We both had 7 dice, but I guess I had used all my luck in the last final salvo, so I lost, and of course, missed the cut. 3 regionals in a row going 4-2 and missing the cut… But we’re getting closer… like a final salvo-close…


Thanks for reading! I’ll be back with the Madrid Regionals Batrep, which will be done soon. Will Corran take me to the top this time?

Fly casual folks!

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