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Exhaustion of Zillo and Rogue Smuggler

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A.Hello, has FFG clarified what happens when a skirmish upgrade (Zillo or Rogue Smuggler) are Exhausted (using the Exhaust part of the cards).

When these 2 cards are exhausted, can someone discard cards from hand (for Zillo) or reroll one die (for Rogue Smuggler) ? 

B. Also WHAT IS THE POINT of exhausting Rogue Smuggler at the End of a Round where EVERYTHING is OVER ????

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A. The top ability has an exhaust cost, which can only be paid when the card is ready.

The bottom ability has a discard cost, which can be paid if you have a card to discard. (Whether the card is exhausted or not, the ability text is available.)

B. Exhaust cost makes the ability future-proof in case we ever get an ability that can exhaust skirmish upgrades / skirmish upgrade attachments. (It would have to trigger between the ready step and end of round step of the status phase though to have an effect on Rogue Smuggler.)

(Rogue Smuggler being exhausted doesn't affect Return Fire.)



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