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Both Draenei and Blood Elf

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Guest Not In Sample

A lot of familiar faces, as promised, have shed their former Aldor and Scryer ties to join the Shattered Sun Offensive, and it's bought some new activity to the capital of Outland that you'll want to check out before you go running back to Azeroth to look for a Magister's Terrace group.

The first thing I noticed when I logged on to the PTR was that the main ring of Shattrath has changed quite a bit. Gone are the Aldor troops constantly laughing. Oh the laughing.

Instead, you'll find Shattered Sun Offensive troops, both Draenei and Blood Elf, male and female, training together. Most of the major names you've come to know and love are still there as well. Emissary Mordin is now a Shattered Sun member, as is Grand Anchorite Almonen, as well as sto credits and his whole group.

Yes, Harbinger Haronem, who teaches his troops near the Aldor cooking pot. I haven't heard for sure yet if this means the so-called Aldor Victory Soup is now Shattered Sun Offensive Victory Soup, and no longer subject to poisoning by the Scryers, but it would certainly be nice if friends are no longer torn apart by such a vicious act of sabotage, even if it's too late for Jimmy.

If you head inside the main ring, you'll find a war council in progress, as General Tiris'alan (a new Shattered Sun NPC) and the Grand Anchorite stand looking down at a rather detailed three dimensional map of the Sunwell Plateau sitting below A'dal, perfect for strategy meetings. Perhaps that's why the Aldor and Scryer joined forces for this battle. After all, there can't be any fighting in the war room.

With patch 2.4, there's a lot of eager eyes cast towards the Isle of Quel'danas and the Sunwell. But what about elsewhere? Silvermoon City is not the only place to see some big shakeups. There's a new flavor to Shattrath City as well, as the Aldor and the Scryer begin to work together to take down Kil'jaedan the Deceiver.

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