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Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun

HD New Trooper from Solo

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2 hours ago, devin.pike.1989 said:

Interesting to say the least!  I wonder if he has some sort of powered jump boots?

Maybe Mag-boots so they can walk a top that funky high speed train we saw in the trailer.  :blink:

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2 minutes ago, devin.pike.1989 said:

If you look at the toy, it appears that the boots are hinted on the sides.  Could they be fold down snow shoes?

Good eyes!! I agree

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1 hour ago, OMGBRICK said:

Yeah I REALLY hope this is their way of somewhat canonizing the old Imperial Army Troopers

well between





It's an indicator of... something.


That actually would work based on the trailers... Kinda like Starship Troopers.


"Hey kids, wanna join the Empire?"

"Oh yes sir! I'm gonna be a pilot! Best in the Galaxy!"

"Oh is that so? Do you have your aptitude test results?"

"Yes sir, right here!"

"Hmmm yes, yes... lets see... You know what son, your skills would be wasted on pilot training."

"Oh? What do you think? Naval command? Oh, or maybe Inquisitorius? You think I could be an Inquisitor?

"Better: Infantry!"

"Infantry sir?

"Oh yeah. Perfect fit for you son. We'll get you trained up in no time. I'll even pull strings and get you assigned to a top notch unit. The Fightin' 348th "Mimbanite  Mudrakers."

"You mean Moonrakers right? Like a Zero-G unit with rocketpacks?"

"No son... no I don't."

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I’m really loving this. I recall when we only had toys, comics and the holiday special to get us by until waiting for a film release. 

In these uncertain  times items like this to enjoy are priceless in my opinion and getting me jazzed up for the release of Legion! 

I’ve enjoyed every movie so far and the spin offs like Rebels and Clone Wars. Seeing shots from the movie and knowing it won’t be long until we see the galaxies coolest smuggler is just...well, awesome!

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