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Primeval Thule Fantasy Setting for Genesys

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Hey all,

Zszree here from the Finding The Narrative Podcast posting up what I've got so far for my version of a fan created Player's Guide to Primeval Thule for Genesys.  So what can you expect to see in this?  

  • 5 Thulean Races
  • 10 Careers for adventuring in Thule
  • A new game mechanic for rolling on a Literacy table
  • A new game mechanic for 20 Character Narratives (like D&D Backgrounds) that have been Genesys-ized from the Primeval Thule setting
  • New Skills
  • 50 Talents that have been Thuleanized and Genesys-ized from the Star Wars RPG
  • A new game mechanic for using XP to purchase from a list of 20 Merits and 15 Hindrances
  • Thulean-ized Fantasy Gear and Equipment with Special Weapon and Armor properties
  • List of Magic Rituals
  • Rules on Crafting weapons, armor, and magic items

I'll more than likely be changing the crafting rules to line up with what they create for Genesys, but for now this is what I've got.  I know the Magic Item crafting information might be going through a couple more iterations.

Anyways, that's what I have to share.  

Comments, critiques, and questions are always welcome so let me know what you think!

Thanks for your time and thanks for listening to the show!

Chris "Zszree" Holmes


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Thank you so much and glad you've been enjoying the podcast.  I know Azmodeus and I have been having a great time creating it!

Sasquatch Games created a Traveler's Guide for their Primeval Thule as a setting primer, if you will and it is out at drivethrurpg for free/pay what you want.  This guide really does a good job of setting the tone and gives you a good feel of what this campaign setting is all about.




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This is good stuff.  I like the Narratives and how they give a dash of "class" feel that a d20 player could appreciate without feeling like they put the PC in a cage in terms of how they can develop.  The milestones are quite clever.

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Thanks all for the feedback!  And you're very welcome!  

Yeah, Thule would be considered "low-fantasy" from the description in the Genesys rulebook under the Fantasy setting.  Like mouthymerc said, very Conan-esque.  The Sasquaches that created the game were inspired by Robert E Howard's works, along with H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Rice Bouroughs too.  Pulpy ... grim and dark ... or however you wanna run it.  =)


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