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traits of the action cards

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hi everyone,

sorry if it has been asked already i browsed the forum and internet but found no clear answer

the actions cards have traits: some are obvious but some are pretty unclear...

like i was wondering why one has judgement on it, found that it was for withchunter, some has "reaction/teamwork" what does it mean ? it's meant to be use when you are hit and an other PC is close to you ?

i've been searching through main books (player, guide master, bestiary) but didnt find charts explaining clearly all the traits of the action cards

did i miss a chapter ?


thanks a lot

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Traits have a couple main uses in my opinion:

  1. Some actions (and maybe talents) refer to traits. For example the action "Wolfpack attack" can give you bonus damage for each Teamwork action that is currently recharging. Celerety gives you bonus defence for each recharging card with the diestro trait.
  2. You can specialize in a specific trait. So if you specialize your Ballistic Skill in "Hunter's eye" you'd gain a white die to all actions that have the trait.
  3. Roleplay flavour, the traits lend some clues as to how an action is executed. A Teamwork action could be envisioned as a group effort, and a character that uses lots of teamwork actions could be seen as a team player. A character focused on Diestro actions gives the me the impression of a swashbuckler/fencer.
  4. Card organization, if you're looking for actions with a specific flavour the traits can help. A character wielding a Great Axe might focus on looking at Zweihander cards, finding actions that work well together with less effort than if there were no traits on the cards.


They are not ment to be restrictions (unless the GM wants them to be) so any character could buy judgement actions, allthough the flavour fits best with a witch hunter, zelot or sigmarite type character. Reaction cards simply have the trait as a reminder that you play them after a specific condition has been met. For example Counterblow, which has it's criteria listed under the picture. But the traits in themselves has no special meaning or rules attached to them.

Hope that clears things up a bit. :) 

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thanks a lot for your answer


yeah it more or less clear things, i thought there was a explanation for every traits so it is more like depending on each situation / card itself... i suppose getting used with game mechanic it will appaear more logical to me

i think it is something it has to be discussed with the players


thanks pal,

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