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Amanda Sharpe

Monsters at locations with gates

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Hello everyone,

I tried searching for the answer as  I am pretty sure it must have come up, but getting just the right phrase is difficult.  Anyway, here goes.

I just pulled the Mythos card that says "All monsters in the Uptown streets or locations are returned to the cup." The Woods are in Uptown and there is a gate there. There are also three monsters following a monster surge triggered by this Mythos card (it's only the end of the second turn, so with four investigators, two monsters went to each open gate). So, are the monsters at the Woods location, and so are returned to the cup, or does a gate "replace" the location in which case the monsters are at the gate and don't get returned?

I am going to play this now as if the monsters are in the Woods and get returned. After all, if a gate is closed, the monster stays (house rules aside) which implies that they are at the location not at the gate. But that just made me realise that if you use the gate-closing-takes-monster-with house rule, you're implying that the monster is at the gate. So, maybe you can't have it both ways!

Your thoughts? Thanks!


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