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What weird character do you always win or lose with?

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What weird character(s) do you always win or lose with?  By "weird," I mean they're overpowered but you lose with them, or they have terrible abilities but you win with them.

I always, without fail, lose with the Dread Knight. 

For some reason, I always win with the Ghoul even though I hate his abilities and often forget to use them.  

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We almost always play with random characters (draw 3, pick one of them),
so I don't really think I can talk much about my experience in particular,
but rather general stuff.

The Thief - while he has won some games - seems to lose most games he's
taken part in, also dying quite often.

The Djinn-Blooded was made out by many to be the next "Dark Cultist", yet,
he has up to this date never once won a game at this table and he was always
either killed before the game ended or he didn't have any chance of victory.

[Side note: While she has once won a game, the Dark Cultist also has a very
bad track record here.]

The Chivalric Knight seems to be a character that people just can't figure out
how to play and struggle with every game. - I wish I'd already had a chance to play
a game with him to turn his luck around, but fate wouldn't have it - for now.

The Ghoul is considered weak by some and has lost its fair share of games around
here, yet I can't even remember one game where I really felt like his abilities
came into play more than once of twice.

Often made fun of, the Leprechaun has won quite a number of games and people
should start to learn that it's a mistake to underestimate him.

Players always enjoy giving the Necromancer a go, yet things never turn out as
expected for him and never well either. He has lost each and every game he has
taken part in, often dying right at the start or rather fast, at the very least.


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Funny that I have come across this thread. In my playing group, which plays mostly 2nd edition (even though we do play 4th edition occasionally) the Rogue character has just had a victory for the first time in 29 years. 


Bit of a cause for celebration. 

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I can't speak to horrible character that I win with; nothing seems to come to mind.   *because* I almost always choose the Vampiress, even though I don't always win (better than 50/50)


She can regenerate fate and lives at the Graveyard. She can steal other's followers and/or drink them or her own to gain life. Etc.

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