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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Disciples of the Dark Gods (Questions 121-130)

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121. What would you suggest to be a baseline price for getting information from Chenshan? 
———— > Probably an amount that puts a small but noticeable dent int the PCs’ coffers. Things like this should generally not be a fixed value, but instead vary with the specific group. 
122. What kind of test would get used for Table 7-4 if Chenshan only really cares for money?
————— > Depends on the approach used. The money is needed just to get him to talk; how it’s used would be the skill for the test. Gathering information from people should ideally be more than “buying” it with no actual social interaction as that makes for a more interesting encounter. 
123. What kind of cost are acolytes looking at for hiring some extra firepower ala "Muscule and Guns?
———— > See #121 above; maybe a little more pricey though. 
124. Under Greel's character description it states that the Sorrowful Guild has a "phalanx" of servo-skulls and cherubim. What number would you suggest is in a phalanx in this case?
———— > Depends on how big the GM wants this to look, but a dozen or so should be a good starting number. 
125. Does the void shield only cover the House proper? Or all of the island including Deadtown?
———— > The former. 
126. How much blood does the Gilded Widow need to sate her thirst? I can see a few answers possible; A negligable amount, Enough to give some Fatigue, A number of wounds resisted by Toughness, Wounds not resisted by Toughness, Or even enough to make the PC burn a fate point.
What would you suggest?
———— > "Give me the blood of the scion of Haarlock, let it flow to fill this chalice” So say 6-8 oz. Less than standard a blood donation amount, so perhaps the donor (if all from one person) gains 1 level of Fatigue. If from more than one, they are all ok. 
127. Supposing the hypothetical situation that the acolytes get in to the Cygnan Martyr's vault (based on Captain Elias having a ship vault key) what would be in there?
———— > Whatever the GM wants to be there. Could be empty, could have some items that act as clues that the PCs missed earlier, could be some cool devices from other books the GM wants to introduce into the campaign. 
128. Does Whent's "Lucky Pen" act as a charm, or is it just one of those little joke pieces of gear? (Honestly I just thought it was funny he had a lucky pen and wanted to come up with a question to mention it.)
———— > Either way would be fine really. 
129. Concerning Adepts and Advocate, are Adepts More likely to have Data-Slates or Writing Kits? Or is the intent of the stat block to imply that both types can have either?
———— > The latter. 
130. Concerning The House Servitors entry, how many would you suggest is "a handful of cases”?
———— > As many as needed to allow them to have a meaningful impact in their scenes. So would vary with power levels of opponents. I’d keep it a pretty small number though; weapons like that lose their specialness if you see them too often. 

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