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Harpoons & TLT on Rebels - improvements?

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I've been enjoying this list - it hits hard with Harpoons and TLT, and while the Shuttle can't withstand much return fire, the YT-1300 sure can. 

I want to keep the three ships, as I'm getting comfortable maneuvering this squad. 

Any ideas on improving things by changing pilots or upgrades?


• "Zeb" Orrelios (25) - Attack Shuttle
Twin Laser Turret (6), Hera Syndulla (1)

• Green Squadron Pilot (25) - A-Wing
Calculation (1), Harpoon Missiles (4), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Guidance Chips (0), Deadeye (1)

• Chewbacca (50) - YT-1300
Trick Shot (0), Harpoon Missiles (4), •Kanan Jarrus (3), •Millennium Falcon (1)

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For an easy answer, there are some more freebies you can add to Chewbacca.  If you're not using a modification, Guidance Chips can only improve Chewie's Harpoon.  And while their usefulness is limited in this situation, there's no reason to not take either Chopper (Crew) or a Courier Droid for a free crewman.  As for other upgrades... since you're running at 100 points, there's not a lot of new options I can offer that don't drastically change the setup of your team:

  • As I assume you're running the HotR/S-Loop version of the Falcon title, Kanan is a virtual requirement to be able to get that one target lock when you need it most.  If you wanted to play more defensive, you could always switch to C-3PO and the Evade title.  I also like A Score to Settle / A Debt to Pay on Chewbacca, because he doesn't terribly care about the incoming critical results... but loves dealing extra crits outwards.
  • Your A-Wing is about as lean as it can be while maintaining that one super-strong shot.  You might consider replacing Calculation with Crack Shot, to help make sure that Harpoon lands.
  • For the same points as Zeb, you can run a Gold Squadron Y-Wing with TLT & R2 Astromech.  What you give up in maneuver options, you gain in sheer beefiness (with double the health of an Attack Shuttle).  If you really want to go for a cheap TLT boat, you can always use a HWK-290 like Roark Garnet, but they're far from the best ships around.

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