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100 point tournament lists

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Today we played a Launch adventure but with regular list building and There were interesting options seen on the table regardless of the 100 point limit. I,ve played Waiqar, and my army consisted of:

6 tray unit of reanimates with Necromancer and Blighted Vexillum Bearer

2 solo trays of carrion lancers (no upgrades) 

2 tray unit of Death Knights with Obcasium's Gauntlet.

I've managed to take the second place. For those points People feared Death Knights like Death itself, i could see fear on their faces when they looked at them :D

First place was taken by:

3 units of 2 tray death knight (one with Obcasium's Gauntlet, rest clean because player only later realised that he can only one of those upgrades)

Ardus Ix Erebus (i believe he was without upgrades but im not sure)

Third Place Daqan with:

4 tray unit of Oathsworn Cavalery (i believe clean of upgrades)

2 tray unit of Rune golems 

Kari Wraithstalker with fortunas dice

4th place Waiqar again with:

6 tray unit of reanimates with Blighted Vexillum Bearer and Deathcaller

2 tray unit of Carrion Lancers (propably with rank discipline but im not sure)

2 tray unit of Reanimate archers with combat ingenuity

I dont Remember 5 and sixth place but lists were:

Daqan 1:

6 tray unit of spearmen with shield wall

kari wrathstalker

rune golem

Daqan 2:

9 tray! unit of spearmen with frontline rune golem

4 tray unit of oathsworn cavalry.

Its fun that everyone played something different and everyone had a lot of fun :D

Scenarios were: Supply raid, Demoralise their forces and Break their Defences

I've played my first game vs Daqan1 list (spearmen, kari and one golem) and managed to win with maximum points(i lost one carrion and half of death knights unit but that counts as 0), lost 58 to 46 vs third place list (some bad rolls versus golems and cavalry that i should whipe out with 2 carrions on flank and with blighi on that unit) and won vs 4th place list (archers, carrions and reanimates with deathcaller) 56 to 33 (thanks to objective).  

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1 hour ago, Cusm said:

Anyone else have any other 100 point list? Any Latari list? Looking at getting some intro armies to demo the game.

Deepwood Archers [17] 2x1
Tempered Steel [3]
Total Unit Cost: 20

Deepwood Archers [17] 2x1
Tempered Steel [3]
Total Unit Cost: 20

Aymhelin Scions [14] 1x1
Total Unit Cost: 14

Leonx Riders [30] 2x2
Aliana of Summersong [12]
Raven Tabards [2]
Metered March [2]
Total Unit Cost: 46

One archer as a bloker for the other archer and the sicon on the side bloking. Lenox a versatile solo unit.

 There are always some list on https://tabletopadmiral.com/runewars/ and quite easy too make ones own :-)

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