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Since you can’t comment on unannounced products, I’m just going to leave this short list here of things I want.  

I really need a GM screen. Even better would be a playmat like you did for Star Wars but put all of the tables and charts from the GM screen on the mat. 

Cards. I’d like a lot of cards like you did with Star Wars. 


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Would ranked talents be the best way to implement something similar to Force Powers in Genesys? 

As in taking the first rank allows access to a minor power (like the mind truck), all the way up to the fifth rank where it might be lightning or healing (depending on one’s ethos)?

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I’m reminded of Monty Python. Lol.

Post production can take about 8+ hours worth of work per episode (more for Live Play). Our interview is recording this weekend and the 22nd will be our next scheduled episode release date after this Thursday’s episode.

Sorry for having to spread it out but we aren’t Netflix ;)

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