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Core Box--What's all in it again

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2 hours ago, VAYASAN said:

Do a search Star Wars Legion core box and images, shows you everything

Do you have  source for a complete list of cards included, or are we still just speculating how many of each, such as 4 x concussion grenades? Just wondering because I don't think I've seen such a list yet.

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I could see and spanish demo core and the content is:

x4 targeting scopes

x2 comlinks

x4 conclussion grenades

x2 saber throw

x2 battle meditation

x2 force reflexes

x1 jedi mind trick

x2 force push

x1 force choke

the 3 weapons of the AT-RT and all the soldiers and special weapons (two of each)

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It looks like barriers and such, but correct me if i am wrong here

1. Luke

1. Vader

1 set of Speeders so two of them

UGH to slow i am. yes it looks like 14 troopers of each 1 speeder 1 AT-RT and all what's above lol

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