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Very Detailed GM Screen (probably overboard)

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1 hour ago, ArtWend said:

I know this is looking a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak, but would you be willing to format a Portrait Version for a GM Notebook? Because this a darn cool!

Or put up a non-PDF version for personal editing?

But honestly, I am very happy and grateful for this.  I've already printed and inserted it into my screen.  

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Thanks for the feedback!

I'll fix guarded stance when I get home, also fix cover under environment which I noticed is slightly wrong.

I'll upload the word file also if you want to do your own edits.

Portrait mode should be pretty quick, might get a little less organized though, with sections spilling over.

Magic / hacking and other rules are on my list, but won't have time before my game tomorrow (and I don't use either in my setting.)

Anyways, please point out any other errors!

Edited by mowsk

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Thank you very much for making this mowsk, as a person that never played any of the Star Wars games and wasn't already familiar with the rules system going in, these will be a lot of help and a great reference. They will also save me a lot of page flipping trying to find the various charts and information in the book. :D

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