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On 5/15/2019 at 11:39 AM, XCcamel said:

I would like to see a big box for Endor, especially as Legion steals all headlines for new products. This big box would be supported by a wide array of blister packs, like the core set had. The campaign could revolve around acquiring the plans for the second Death Star, and a recon mission on the forest moon to scout out the shield generator. Enemies would include: scout troopers- group of 2, snipers, so attack is 2 blue die with built in accuracy bonus.

Speederbike- vehicle, 2x1, speed 4, has an ability similiar to the tie striker in Xwing, forcing the unit to move 2 spaces at the start of the activation, mobile, 

Acklay- massive, melee attacks, reach, high defense,

Blister packs would include ewoks as a rebel ally, Yoda, either as his prequel warrior version or pacifist support version from Empire Strikes Back, a bothan spy group, Zuckuss and 4LOM, a named Death trooper commander, and Inferno Squad as a unique group. 

One of the heroes can be a sullustan, the other I'm not sure of yet. An upgrade or refit to the AT-ST to make it cheaper and change up how it's used would be interesting, like a jungle refit- it loses a defense die, and awkward, adds an innate block and slows its speed for a discount of a few threat.

I'd buy it. 

Acklays might be better as Large figures (2x2, same as nexu modified scale).  A Gorax would be a fun massive, though.  lol

Any notion for the 2nd merc figure grunt?  (imps getting scouts/bike,  merc getting acklay/??)
I think it'd be pretty fair game for any common hired muscle type small figure.  Maybe Devorian gun runners (can change 1 die in their green/green pool to anything while attacking).

It'd probably be pacifist support Yoda, but I think it'd be a fun addition still.

With it being a big box you'd need 3 heroes.  All for the Sullustan.  A hero ewok would honestly be boss, lol but dead serious.  A female imperial officer double-agent would thematically work (helping scout endor base).


=== edit ===

forgot big box sets only come with 3 enemy groups and a massive.  So ... ditch the gun runners.  Even though i think they'd be awesome and deserve a blister pack.  lol

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The other two heroes could also be a Besalisk tanky character and is able to use his extra set of arms to carry extra weapons beyond the normal limit of 2, and maybe an ability to add an automatic defense when health drops to 5 or below. 

The other could be a Dathomir nightsister using dark magic, poisons and potions to buff allies and debuff enemies. Would probably use "potion" tokens and new skill cards would give them new uses, such as healing 3 damage, stunning an enemy after a successful attack, or adding a yellow die to an attack or test.

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I have been thinking lately that an Imperial defector would make for a cool Hero. Maybe make them a former Intelligence agent or something. 

They could have an ability that would allow them to view opponent’s open group hand and discard a card for a turn or two. 

I think something like that could work well. 

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