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Watercolour Dragon

Dice and core book binder? And best dragon ever?

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Seeing this in the 'upcomings' made me think it would be great to have a binder that stored the core book in the front and the dice in the back (only dice not cards as us gamers can have quite a collection of dice!). Maybe quite a lot of dice so as to cover people having several sets and other types of dice. If one can't be made that protects the book too, just the dice, but it would be nice to keep our core book in decent condition too as it will get a lot of use.


Some Terrinoth themed ones would be cool - I'm loving this dragon (below, from FFG's genres window on the website, I've given its species my name of choice the watercolour dragon as it seems to fit!) which would make great cover art as would some of the things like rune golems or for a darker cover, the banshee and necromancer, perhaps a series for different 'groups'...


So please FFG wizards and sorceresses:

a) make this dice binder series (which may work for multiple Terrinoth games)

b) now I've made this image a personal fave make an epic 'watercolour dragon' of larger scale (but not too large) for the Terrinoth games (maybe for the miniatures but so we can use it in Descent etc too) Maybe a big figure so we can get some great detail in the painting but a smaller substitute too for games like Descent where it wouldn't fit the board? This watercolour dragon species idea as inspired by the below image IS going in my Genesys and Descent campaign! Can also see it being great fun in the miniatures game. Plus it has to be friendly, with the right approach, way too much beauty to be nasty.

c) make an image of this gorgeous dragon we can use for forum profiles

Please please please with unicorn dust sprinkles on top!

watercolour dragon J.jpg

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