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Encounter- and quest card confusion

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I've recently received this exiting board game, but I'm a little confused about the number of different cards. According to the "Learn to play" leaflet there should be 34 wasteland cards but theres 21. There should be 21 settlement cards but theres 18. There should be 20 vault cards but theres 3. There should be 100 quest cards but theres 46. The numbered cards runs from #001 to #072, and theres 16 cards marked with a star. 

Funny thing is that I have 2 of each of the mentioned cards. 

Have I misunderstood something or is the deck missing cards? And is the game meant to have double of each card? I can read others in the forum writing about cards numbered above #072. 


I hope someone can help me getting less confused:-D



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