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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Disciples of the Dark Gods (Questions 111-120)

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111. It mentions under Octavia's entry that she may poison possible competitors. There is poison in her character entry, but what would you say the stats are for this poison?

------------ > Whatever feels right; perhaps just modifying the Toxic rules as desired to create a new one. Really depends on how nasty you want her to be to any NPCs (or the PCs).


112. In relation to the Wrecker attack under "The Wrecker Skyship" what kind of armament or psychichry would be required to stop the wrecker ship?

----------- > More than the PCs likely have. Multiple heavy weapons, etc. The PCs shouldn’t be able to shoot down the Wrecker’s ship, as that stops the encounter. So no matter what they do, it isn’t enough.


113. What rolls would be necessary to use the thermal cutter to remove the wrecker grapnel lines from the Cygnan Martyr? Or is the combat intended to be such a fast frenzy to where there just wouldn't be any time for such an action to change the face of battle?

----------- > The latter. Thermal cutters are slow, cumbersome items and not at all suitable for this kind of fast action in the middle of a firefight.


114. If an enterprising acolyte wants to use the thermal cutter as an improvised weapon are there any stats you would recommend?

------------- > See above. It’s not really practical for combat, more like a lascutter.


115. "Running the Skyship Battle" states that the wreckers come in waves, how often would you recommend a wave to be?

----------- > Like many encounters, there is no set answer here. It would vary with the tempo of the fight and the PCs involved. It should be a challenging battle, but not last too long.


116. Concerning the "Garden of Lost Saints" and the star map, what entails an astute observer? A test behind it? Or a player asking for specifics? I doubt a Feral worlder knows one map from another for example.

--------- > I wouldn’t call for a test; any PC with a relevant background or training should catch it. If none, then a test but nothing too difficult.


117. Suggestions on tests to calm Mayweather down as he goes in to hysterics?

-------- > Social tests of course, but it depends on the approach the PCs take. Shaking him, charming words, soothing tones, smacking his face, and so on – pretty much any approach you’ve seen in books/tv/movies. There’s no possible way to specify every possible manner this could be done, and the GM is assumed to be able to handle minor improvisations like this in an adventure.


118. The trooper that got treppanned that Mayweather mentions, does this detract from the four troopers that are supposed to be guarding the Administratum Cells?

---------- > No, he is one of the two dead.


119. For that matter how many troopers would you say are staffed at the House of Dust and Ash?

It mentions later that Bland commands a 25 strong platoon of troops, is this number before or after the deaths?

---------- > Probably before. The exact number present in the adventure though depends on what the GM plans to do with them, and the PCs involved. The GM might have some deadly side encounters planned, for example, that could lower their numbers. Roughly 20 or so should be good though.


120. Suggestion for a profile to use for Chensan?

--------- > Merchant Magnate, or Crime Lord from DH2 if you want something nastier.

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