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And my players have decided to take on his palace as a base of operations. I have a bunch of ideas, some below, but am very curious where those of you who have trodden this path before went with it?

* dealing with the remnants of Teemo’s men

* striking deals with the freed gladiators and other NPC’s (Oskara, Pash, etc) for ongoing services 

* readying the base for use

* Teemo’s booby traps

* Jabba’s Emissary (in our version, Teemo isn’t part of Jabba’s clan) to see how they plan on settling his debts

* the bounty put on the by Teemo’s uncle

* the hidden cellar (and what lurks within)

* a visit from Vorn and other locals telling the PC’s that Teemo carries the local economy and the PC’s need to figure out how to keep Mos Shuuta afloat 

* figuring out how to tap into Teemo’s network to generate work 

what else? :)


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Maybe Teemo's guys did some damage while fleeing from the palace. Think of a base as modules. You have rooms (modules) giving you some benefit (server room = holonet access, generator = power, ...). With some of the modules damaged you don't have that benefit until repaired. Getting the parts to repair the modules, or even the personnel to repair them can be an adventure on its own.

Then you can have those modules upgraded. Better servers = access to more illegal sites, better generator = more power (Tim Allen reference intended).

A base also needs personnel. So you need to hire NPCs that will work for you. Maybe some of them will only do, if you do them a favor first.

And t last a well running base is alsways target for assaults. Players could defend their base, or - if they aren't there when the assault happens - have to rebuild / repair.

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There's always other rival hutts. Always scheming those Hutts...

Specifically, pretty Sure with Teemo out of the way Jabba would be keen to swoop into the power vacuum, so they would likely have to fend off Teemo's wannabe "replacements" be they hutts, or a swoop gang, or some other mobster/criminal. Maybe a "Prospector" interested in taking over the mine in Mos Shutta?  Anyway, Somewhere around the forums someone created a neat little pdf called "mos shutta expanded" or something like I think. I believe it goes into this scenario and mentions some specific swoop gang that tries to take over in the aftermath and power vacuum. It also has a lot of additional fan made info about the area of Mos Shutta.

Also, you could probably tie in the premade campaign in the GM guide "Debts to pay" pretty easily (i am planning to do this with my group). They find among Teemos files the deed to a mine and receive reports from the workers about "problems", so they need to go there and find out what the deal is. Its a pretty good murder/mystery adventure.


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