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Store championships in South East UK / London area

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We had a nice friendly competition, congratulations to Chris for winning it with an innovative Latari list (including a very scary 3*2 scions forest)

Only 5 players made it, and the results were

1. Latari

2. Latari

3. Daqan

4. Waiqar

5. Waiqar (me) 

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Hi. I'm the Chris who won. Here's a few notes...

My list was:

  • Aliana (with Malcorne's Bequest and Ambush Predator): 42 pts
  • Scions (6 trays): 62 pts
  • Archers (6 trays, Maegan Cyndewin, Tempered Steel, Hunter's Guile): 59pts
  • Leonx Riders (4 trays, Raven Tabards, Moment of Inspiration): 37pts

Game 1: Bounty, Careful Approach, 2 Forests, 1 Dimoran Fissure

Opponent: Aliana, six trays of archers with Maegan and a scion, 2 x three trays of leonx riders with column tactics, a pair of scions and a solo scion.

There were two early mistakes this game: I extended my cavalry too far on the right flank and they were charged by a combination of Aliana and one of the cavalry; my opponent shifted his archers into a forest and used the support scion to shift out in the same turn (support scion is after activation, so the normal practice of entering terrain cancelling subsequent actions didn't apply - hadn't seen that before...) - but my scions were able to charge into the forest on the next turn while the archers were still attached to it on their flank.

Both mistakes resulted in the loss of the unit concerned: but the archers were also the bounty and gave me a solid lead. Then my scions, in a central position and with no immediate challenges, had a free choice of targeting the enemy units.

Game 2: Supply Raid, Hammer and Anvil, Forest, Rocky Outcrop, Stone Terrace (Not sure???)

Opponent: Ardus, six trays of archers with wind rune, four solo carrion lancers, 2 x two trays of death knights

If this had been Hunter's Quarry then I'd have been in trouble: but, for this scenario, the solo carrion lancers were very good at collecting the objectives and carrying them closer to my lines - then they couldn't escape fast enough....

This game featured the cavalry performing death (knight) defying stunts on the left flank. Turn two, while blighted, the cavalry charge a lancer and weaken it; the death knights perform a late, wheeling charge and miss the back corner by half a cm - disappearing off to the rear. Following turn the cavalry kill the lancer and reform (white modifier dial) followed by the death knights reforming - for a head-to-head standoff at range 1. My opponent had initiative, but I had the Raven Tabards...

Over the other side, the reanimate archers kill Aliana (after she takes out a lancer) and significantly damage the elven archers. But, then the scions finish with the other death knights and lancers and then move to support - whereupon the reanimates retreat (though they did manage to target the cavalry, who got too close). Ardus falls late game to archer fire, and the scions shift out of the forest to collect two of the fallen objective tokens.

Game 3: Demoralize their Forces, Standoff, Forest, Rocky Outcrop (?), and Latari Memorial

Opponent: Kari, 2 x three crossbowmen, 2 x two cavalry, nine trays of spearmen with golem

The right flank became an episode of the Benny Hill show: I had attempted to threaten the spearmen with the scions and flank with the cavalry - the spearmen reformed and began to chase the cavalry. So, they ran away. And kept running for the entire game, with the spearmen chasing the cavalry all around the memorial (and got uncomfortably close, at times). I have never seen so many inspiration tokens in play at once - the cavalry were really, truly, inspired to keep running...

But, when a 60 point unit spends the game chasing a 30 point unit then that's a win...

Aliana successfully ambushes one unit of crossbowmen and just about avoids retaliation from the other unit. Kari is charged by the scions and falls quickly. The archers suffer significant losses to a cavalry charge, and the scions fire into the melee to assist.

The cavalry charge was a perfect example of why this game is so good: it's the bluffing. The cavalry were in place to flank charge the archers at initiative four; but the archers could run into the forest at initiative three. So, the cavalry dialled in a late wheeling charge to be able to reach the forest - but I dialled in a mid-turn shift and reform (to face the cavalry) and instead moved the scions into the forest to provide close ranged support.  The archers went down to three trays, but it put my scions in a very good place. But, that could have so easily gone so terribly wrong...


  • In all games, I made as many mistakes as my opponents did (and had some very close misses). But the manoeuvrability of the elves allowed me to mitigate my own mistakes and exploit other people's mistakes - in a way that I haven't been able to with Daqan
  • Two of the three opponents forgot that scions can charge and melee very effectively
  • Putting the bounty on Aliana with Ambush Predator is hard to counter
  • Aliana with Malcorne's Bequest and Ambush Predator is a good combo - it encourages keeping her in reserve to alter the runes with the opportunity for a big finale

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