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GM Screen?

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The problem is what do you put on it? There's an entire panel in the GM Screen that lists common weapons for the Star Wars book. What weapons would you list in a Genesys screen? Fantasy? Weird War? Space Opera? If you take out the charts from that panel, what do you put in it's place?

I'd like a screen too for ease of reference, but it's funny because I don't even use my Star Wars screens for their intended purpose. My game write up is usually on a laptop (which is it's own screen) and I do all my die rolls out in the open now. For my GM screens I keep them folded up until I need to check weapon listings for something I might not have written down, or for the critical injury tables.

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I think just the tables included in the book with the quality descriptions listed would be helpful. So the combat tables, social conflict tables, hacking tables, magic action tables, vehicular combat tables, etc. 

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So I have a custom SWRPG GM screen that I use, but it's my personal golden rule of homebrew not to release fan projects for SWRPG that would directly compete with or replace an existing FFG paid product (e.g. the official GM screen is paid, but a character sheet is free; I release my own character sheets but not a GM screen). No judgement toward those who do, I just refrain from it myself. However, there's nothing out there for a Genesys GM screen (yet), so I might convert my Star Wars GM screen into something more generic.

Either way, assembling your own GM screen or cheat sheet is a great way to learn (that link also has a pretty good Force and Destiny cheat sheet) the nooks and crannies of an RPG system. If you're up for it, the following are all the things I keep on my GM screen which can be found by hunting through the various SWRPG books and Genesys Core Rulebook...

Page One

  • Encumbrance Rules
    • calculating the threshold
    • worn armor & encumbrance
    • concealment of objects on person
    • penalties for being over encumbered
    • lifting & carrying items
    • rules for tiny items
  • Maintenance & Repair
    • item damage table
    • effects of dice results on repairs (table)
    • miscellaneous repair rules
  • Silhouette: summaries and examples of each silhouette (0,1,2,3,4,5,6+)
  • Commerce, Trade, & Prices
    • rarity/difficulty-to-find table
    • dice results for haggling when selling/buying (table)
    • contract/transport jobs (smuggler table)
    • arbitrage (formula & rarity change table)
  • Adversary Creation & Balancing (based on Order 66 Podcast episode )
    • Minion creation & on-the-fly profiles
    • Rival creation & on-the-fly profiles
    • Adversary creation & on-the-fly profiles

Page Two

  • Item Qualities: exhaustive list with definitions
  • Combat Ranges: summaries of each, distance estimates, attack difficulty (table)
  • Standard & Template Weapons: representative weapon stats for each skill (table, half page)

Page Three

  • Combat Effects
    • ranged attacks vs. engaged targets
    • ranged attacks while engaged
    • attacks vs. different silhouettes
    • attacking prone targets
    • attacks while prone
  • Two Weapon Attacks: step-by-step instructions
  • Explosive Munitions: table of grenade and missile stats
  • Environment Effects
    • concealment, rules and examples of concealment that adds 1, 2, or 3 Boost/Setback dice
    • cover, rules and examples that set Defense at 1, 2, and 3
    • difficult terrain
    • falling damage and dice results (table + rules)
    • gravity, low and high
    • holding breath
    • suffocation
    • vacuum (of space)
  • Fire, Acid Corrosion: table from book & notes on neutralizing acid
  • Status Effects: Disoriented, Immobilized, Staggered
  • Healing
    • after an encounter
    • natural rest
    • week's rest (healing from crits)
    • medicine checks (table + rules)
    • droid repairs
    • bacta tanks & oil baths
  • Social Skills
    • matrix of active & opposing skills (table)
    • quick definition of Cool
    • quick definition of Discipline

Page Four

  • Fear Effects
    • difficulty of fear checks & examples (table)
    • consequences of fear (table of dice results)
  • Morality & Conflict
    • conflict for specific actions/deeds (table)
  • Common Gear & Equipment: representative gear for the setting (half-page table)

I hope it is obvious why I don't actually release the GM screen. Not only would it directly compete with a paid FFG product, it would make the purchase of numerous FFG Star Wars book unnecessary... And I like a healthy hobby with a financially viable future.

However, as I stated, assembling your own GM screen is an excellent exercise, and picking what to put on it is half the battle.

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I have a good friend in a same situation. I know it can just suck sometimes to not have enough time.

If I end up adapting my SWRPG GM screen to Genesys and releasing it, I'll be sure to let you know right away. :)

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