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dice symbol and html

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I was searching a good way to represent the symbol in html

6 side black ■ ;
6 side white  □
6 side yellow  <font color="DDDD00">■ </font>
8 side violet <font color="880088">♦  </font>
8 side blue <font color="0099FF">♦ </font>
10 side green <font color="00FF00">⑩  </font>
10 side red <font color="FF0000">⑩ </font>
Skull ☠
Blood drop
Chaos star ⎈
Sigmar comet ☄
Hourglass ⌛

I will also have to find how to put html character on the forum that modify what I writesad.gif

Do you have found better symbol and one that could be good for the blood drop

Alternatively could fantasy flight add symbol in the html forum smiley

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See Unicode Blocks "Enclosed Alphanumerics", "Miscellaneous Technical", "Miscellaneous Symbols" (☠☢☣☤) etc.


The best way to do it quickly and system-wide is Compose key (there's even some soft doing this in windoze), just configure what you need (or if you only need it in a Firefox-like browser, use abcTajpu add-on). Something like -

<Multi_key> <bracketleft> <space> <bracketright>             : "☐"   U2610   # BALLOT BOX
<Multi_key> <bracketleft> <v> <bracketright>                 : "☑"   U2611   # BALLOT BOX WITH CHECK
<Multi_key> <bracketleft> <x> <bracketright>                 : "☒"   U2612   # BALLOT BOX WITH X

<Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <1> <bracketright>        : "⚀"   U2680   # DIE FACE-1
<Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <2> <bracketright>        : "⚁"   U2681   # DIE FACE-2
<Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <3> <bracketright>        : "⚂"   U2682   # DIE FACE-3
<Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <4> <bracketright>        : "⚃"   U2683   # DIE FACE-4
<Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <5> <bracketright>        : "⚄"   U2684   # DIE FACE-5
<Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <6> <bracketright>        : "⚅"   U2685   # DIE FACE-6

<Multi_key> <parenleft> <2> <0> <parenright>                 : "⑳"   U2473 # CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY
<Multi_key> <parenleft> <KP_2> <KP_0> <parenright>           : "⑳"   U2473 # CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY
<Multi_key> <parenleft> <exclam> <2> <0> <parenright>        : "⓴"   U24F4 # NEGATIVE CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY
<Multi_key> <parenleft> <exclam> <KP_2> <KP_0> <parenright>  : "⓴"   U24F4 # NEGATIVE CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY

<Multi_key> <asterisk> <0> <bar>                             : "☸"   U2638 # WHEEL OF DHARMA
<Multi_key> <asterisk> <0> <period>                          : "⛯"   U26ef # MAP SYMBOL FOR LIGHTHOUSE
<Multi_key> <asterisk> <plus> <o> <h>                        : "⎈"   U2388 # HELM SYMBOL
<Multi_key> <asterisk> <plus> <a> <n>                        : ""   U2693 # ANCHOR

<Multi_key> <parenleft> <plus> <parenright>                  : "⌖"   U2316 # POSITION INDICATOR
<Multi_key> <bracketleft> <plus> <bracketright>              : "⯐"   U2BD0 # SQUARE POSITION INDICATOR
<Multi_key> <minus> <Z>                                      : "⌁"   U2301 # ELECTRIC ARROW
<Multi_key> <bar> <z>                                        : ""   U26A1 #HIGH VOLTAGE SIGN • thunder • lightning symbol

and so on. And then there are Emoticons. 😱

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