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dice symbol and html

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I was searching a good way to represent the symbol in html

6 side black ■ ;
6 side white  □
6 side yellow  <font color="DDDD00">■ </font>
8 side violet <font color="880088">♦  </font>
8 side blue <font color="0099FF">♦ </font>
10 side green <font color="00FF00">⑩  </font>
10 side red <font color="FF0000">⑩ </font>
Skull ☠
Blood drop
Chaos star ⎈
Sigmar comet ☄
Hourglass ⌛

I will also have to find how to put html character on the forum that modify what I writesad.gif

Do you have found better symbol and one that could be good for the blood drop

Alternatively could fantasy flight add symbol in the html forum smiley

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