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Stryker359's Repaints

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Back in March 2013 I undertook a project to repaint a whole squadron's worth of X-Wings (so 12) in the colours of Rogue Squadron from the fourth X-Wing book "The Bacta War". These are the models as they were back then, when I'd only just started painting 1/270 scale models and hadn't realised quite how fiddly they could be. 


Rogue Leader - Wedge
Rogue Three - Gavin
Rogue Seven - Tycho
Rogue Nine - Corran

Rogue Two - Asyr

Rogue Five - Rhysati (needs neatening up!)

Rogue Six - Inyri (Note this is a reversal of the Black Sun colour scheme)

Rogue Four - Riv

Rogue Eight - Nawara

Rogue Ten - Ooryl

Rogue Twelve - Aril

One Flight - Wedge, Asyr, Gavin, Riv:
Two Flight - Rhysati, Inyri, Tycho, Nawara:
Three Flight - Corran, Ooryl, Aril:
Rogue Squadron:

These have since been updated to make them look neater, and I'll add the updated photos at a later date. I'll also be repainting the rest of both my Rebels and Imperials to make them a little more unique, once I've figured out what colour palette I want to work with!




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New photos

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His and hers T-70s, based on the Max/Miriya Sterling from Robotech/ Max/Milia Jenius from Macross (depending which you watched):

Currently using as Blue and Red Ace in 1.0, not sure what I'll use them for in 2.0...

Reference image:




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2 hours ago, Force Majeure said:

I have a Myria inspired one too.

By all means, I welcome comparison schemes here!

I've seen yours around the forums, and did wonder if Robotech/Macross was where the inspiration came from. I quite like how we've taken different approaches; yours has more white whereas mine is more red, and yet bit.

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Got bored with the Rogue Squadron models, and began to notice that professional painters were doing it better than I had. After selling my eight spare T-65s, I stripped down the four I kept and decided I needed a scheme that was unifying but distinct; something suitable for both Aces and Generics. I happened to be watching Macross Frontier at the time, and decided that the scheme used on the VF-25s might be appropriate to my needs. After doing a little more research and looking at the scheme on different variants of Veritech Fighter across the Macross franchise (plus on a T-70, A-Wing and B-Wing thanks to a blogger/commission painter I came across). Sold on the idea, I decided it was time to give it a try.

Below are the results of this weekend's work. Models were primed with Vallejo Grey, then based in Vallejo Wolf Grey. After a liberal wash of Nuln Oil, they were layered with Vallejo Ghost Grey. The rest of the colours are Citadel (Abaddon Black, Warplock Bronze, Mechanicus Standard Grey, Mechrite Red, Caledor Sky, Warpstone Glow, Leadbelcher).

Skull One WIP:


Skulls 2, 3 and 4 WIP:


Skull Squadron Mostly Finished:


Skull 2 and 3 in E-Wings:


Not 100% happy with the E-Wings, and I'm not sure why. I'm going to have a think, but there might be too much white on the model. Next will likely be stripping down and repainting my T-70s to match, but I might keep them in their Robotech colours (unsure on this, though). Likewise I'm not 100% convinced my B-Wings, A-Wings or Z-95s will work with these colours.

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Some less extreme (for me) repaints for the Jedi:

1) Neatened up the pattern on Anakin and replaced the dull dark grey with silver.
2) Made Obi-Wan’s colours bolder and cleaner.
3) Full repaint for Ahsoka, not 100% accurate, but drawing a starburst on something half as long as my thumb just wasn’t happening!


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