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Dark Trooper Questions

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I'm starting to put some heavier emphasis on the Dark Trooper project in my campaign. For Season 2, I'm basically running my players through a heavily modified version of the story from Star Wars: Dark Forces. As a result, I'm trying to stat out each of the different phases of Dark Troopers. So with that in mind, I've got a couple thoughts and questions for you guys.

My very first question should also be the easiest to answer. What would be a cool code name for the Dark Trooper Project? We got some really cool project names in Rogue One: Stardust, Pax Aurora, Stellar Sphere, Mark Omega, War Mantle, Cluster Prism, Black Saber... I'd love to have a mysterious, but still telling project name for the Dark Trooper Project. Something like "Project Iron Giant" or something.

For the Phase Zero Dark Troopers, I'm planning on using the stats and skills of the Imperial Stormtrooper Sergeant from the Age of Rebellion core, giving him a jetpack, and replacing his heavy blaster rifle with the ARC Caster from Battlefront II. However, I'm not quite sure how I want to stat out the ARC Caster. I'm thinking something along the lines of this: ARC Caster - Ranged (Heavy), Damage 8, Crit 2, Range (Medium), Blast 6, Vicious 3, Slow Firing 1

The weapon takes a while to charge up to a deadly amount of damage in Battlefront II. However, a single shot from it did a ton of damage in that game, and could hit multiple targets if aimed well. The range was extremely short, requiring you to get fairly close to your targets before firing at them. However, I'm not sure if I want to make it Medium or Short range. What do you guys think? Would you do the stats any differently? Maybe higher damage if it doesn't have enough oomph for you? Or should I raise the Crit rating to 3 to make it a little less deadly? As is, it's basically a medium range Frag Grenade with a low crit rating and vicious 3, but it can only be used every other turn. My party is very hardy, and so far even throwing three Dark Troopers straight from the book (but not using their missile tubes) at the party barely posed a threat, so I'm fine with the weapon being a little too powerful.

For the Phase I Dark Trooper, it's a bit more straightforward to make. Because it's just a fairly basic droid, I don't have to do much interesting with the stats. I'm thinking Brawn 4, Agility 3, and the rest 1's. Soak 6, Wound 15, Defense 2. A vibrosword as its weapon, with a 2 or 3 in Melee, Phrik Armor Plating (+1 soak, Cortosis), Phrik Shield (+2 defense, Cortosis). Give it a rank of Adversary, and the Droid abilities, two ranks of Perception, two ranks of Vigilance, and maybe a rank of two of Resilience and call it good. The Cortosis armor and Shield should help it pose an actual threat to my fallen Jedi apprentice PC, who has had a fairly easy time with most opponents lately (ever since they started investing very heavily into the lightsaber skill above all else). What do you guys think? Fairly decent? Or should I tweak it a bit?

Phase II Dark Troopers already exist in the book, so there's no need to speculate on their stats.

The Phase III Dark Trooper, piloted by Rom Moch himself, is the hardest one for me to decide on. He's definitely a Big Bad, and should be statted out as such. High Soak, probably an 8, with the Cortosis quality. High Wound and a decent amount of Strain. Adversary 3. I just have no idea what to give him for talents and abilities. His weapon load-out will probably stay the same as the Dark Troopers out of Age of Rebellion, since it's already an absurdly powerful load-out. Any suggestions on talents or abilities?

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