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Deep Space Double Ambush!

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So tonight I had an absolute thriller of a game. I am the second player with a Raider, Maarek Steele, Col. Jendon, and Tempest squadron ready to ambush the Rebel fleet when they engage the bulk of Admiral Ozzel's forces. What the good admiral wasn't prepared for was the Rebels having hidden the majority of their strength as well due to some clever planning on Admiral Raddus' part. On turn two the trap is sprung; Monteferrat brought his Raider out of hyperspace directly behind the Admonition; ready to score a quick kill in conjunction with Ozzel's flagship, The Avenger. However it wasn't meant to be. Ozzel focused on sending Soontir Fel, Dengar, and two squadrons of Advanceds to 'TIE' down the four enemy fighter groups; two of which were lead by the legendary Shara Bey and Tycho Celchu. This gave the Admonition and its picket CR-90 the time they needed to flee out of range of Monteferrat's batteries, for now.

One squad of A-wings died before they knew what hit them, and the second wasn't long for this world, but not even Soontir could keep Tycho from disengaging in a last ditch effort to slow down Maarek Steele's group. With all fighters dueling to the death, one of the two CR-90 Corvettes slipped past the IMP-II's front arc, giving an MC-80 Liberty configuration the co-ordinates it needed to join the battle at the flank of Ozzel's flagship. Weathering the storm, the ISD tore the shields of the Admonition to shreds, leaving it limping toward a neutral repair station before finally succumbing to the concentrated fire of the entire Rebellion fleet. Its sacrifice is all that Monteferrat's Raider needs to slip past the deadly forward arc of the Liberty, darting into perfect position to end Raddus on his CR-90 in a single shot. This also allows the other Raider to empty its external racks into the Liberty before being itself gutted. 

It was then that Maarek Steele, co-ordinated by Col. Jendon, made his attack run on the limping Admonition. His double tap of dual critical hits shredded through the naked hull like a SIth Lanvarok through flesh. The Admonition's burning hulk broke apart mere meters from the relative safety of the repair station. All the while, a foolhardy flotilla of Assault carriers harried the Liberty from its rear and side, keeping the pressure on the damaged ship and forcing it to flee, lest Marrek come back around and finish it off. At this point, the Rebels fled the field, a savaged MC-80 Liberty and a small group of Transports the only ones left to tell the tale. Admiral Monteferrat likewise began regrouping, his personal Raider and Gozanti cruisers the only Imperial capital ships in the area, though the bulk of their fighters, sans the escorts, remained intact.

After calculating points, it came down to about a 20 point(ish) difference, and I was positive I was going to lose as soon as the CR-90 made it to my ISD's flank. I am happy to report that this is the first game that I've won after my ISD has fallen though, usually if I win, its because it survived to tear things apart.

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