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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Disciples of the Dark Gods (Questions 101-110)

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101. Is Inquisitor Antonia Mesmeron a further of the original "Inquisitor Mesmer" name from the list of 200 Inquisitors of the Calixis?
————— > I’d say no. Different people. 
102. Is it safe to assume that were we to stat up each of the "Wanted Heretics" that they'd all have Touched by the Fates?
——— > That would be the default, yes. 
103. What was the design decision behind eventually giving some of the "Wanted Heretics" profiles in Ascension when it seemed pretty intent on not giving them profiles in Disciples? I'm not griping, personally I like that they got statted, I'm just interested in it.
———— > No idea, I didn’t work that book. Sorry. 
104. I don't really understand the significance of the witch hunter brand on the Burning Princess's cheek in a greater 40k context, or is that the idea (to come up with a reason on your own)?
——— > I’d have to imagine the brand means she was at one point a prisoner of the witch hunter, so she must have escaped. There should also be records of her if she was a prisoner. 
105. Are the quotes from the appendix expanding the "Most Wanted" entries intended to be from Marr? At least those signed with "-M.”?
———— > Could be, sure. 
106. Concerning the timeframe of House of Dust and Ash, some of the adventures give an idea of how long they happen from one another, any opinions on how much time might between Baron Hopes (last of Purge the Unclean) and House if you're using it as a continuation ala "Using this Adventure”?
———— > Really up to you, whatever time fits your campaign. 
107. I know the answer is probably "Sure/Whatever you think is best" But was the "S.S." addendum line in the Coriolanus Vestra archive file intended to be from Saffena Sengir? I ponder because she(?) seems to be only inquisitor with S.S. as their stated initials.
———— > You know the answer indeed :)
108. Concerning Player Handout IV "The Haarlock Warrant" what would Ophelia VII have to do with deciding the issuing of the Haarlock Warrant? Is it because of the Order Famulous and their duties concerning the bloodlines of nobility?
I wonder because at least in other fiction (specifically the Shira Calpurnia novel Legacy) it seemed to be more a matter of the court system to decide the next in line which would mean Solomon as it was mentioned.
———— > Each situation would be handled uniquely, so in this case it was decided that Ophelia VII had some bearing on the matter. 
109. Does Dekanta resist the Scrutiny at all in a way like Marr does? If so, what is her Decieve skill?
———— > If you want her to, sure. You’d need to arrive at her stats for it though, depending on how good you want her to be. 
110. Concerning the Player Handout III: Dataslate on Solomon (Cont.) what's a Void Abacus? Probably a "whatever you want it to be" answer, but always good to ask.
———— > It’s indeed whatever you want it to be. Take the name and invent something cool for the players to chase after. It doesn’t even need to be used; it can be a mguffin in the adventure. 

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14 hours ago, ThenDoctor said:

110. Concerning the Player Handout III: Dataslate on Solomon (Cont.) what's a Void Abacus?

"One such item sought after by both camps is the Void Abacus, most famously unearthed on the cursed Munitorum planet of Soloman in the Markayn Marches but also recovered in the bowels of many an ancient hive spire or nameless space hulk. For these can do something very valuable indeed—when integrated into a ship’s auspex and propulsion systems they can allow a ship to make accurate void jumps four or five times longer than normal without a Navigator’s aid. This allows many more types of ships to travel safely, something the Navigator’s Guild cannot allow. While the Guild cannot directly outlaw their use, they can act to buy, destroy, or sabotage any and all they can find. That they will arrange for the same fate to befall to any vessel found using one is an open secret as well. Having an Abacus networked into a ship’s systems allows the crew to safely plot warp jumps of up to 5-10 days in duration with an Ordinary (+10) Navigation Test."

Into the Storm, p.140.

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