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Want to read about the Android Universe. Where to start?

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I would like to learn all there is to know about the Android Universe, but I'd like to do it in chronological order if possible.

I am currently reading "The Worlds of Android" which I figure is a good reference to flesh out certain aspects of the setting.

If I wanted to read the novellas/novels, how many of them are there?  And in what order should they be (ideally) read?  Are there any other sources of Android story info out there?  I'm already aware of the small blurbs that can be found inside Netrunner rulebooks and inserts found in Data Packs....

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Ok, nobody has responded, but just in case anyone finds this thread in the future and is curious of the same question --I did some further research and seem to have found my answer on a reddit subforum:

1.) Strange Flesh and Free Fall are standalone novels that can be read whenever (they don't seem to mention anything about chronology within the universe and the characters contained in both of these books are not found in any other piece of Android fiction)

2.) The following three books SHOULD be read in this order Golem >>Mimic >>Rebel (but when you decide to read this trilogy does not matter --the story contained within these three books does not affect the stories contained in either Strange Flesh or Free Fall)

3.)The Android Novellas seem to be the most recent publications and should most likely be read in the order in which they were released, which would be: Monster Slayer >> Monitor >> Exodus....


So if you wanted to put everything together, one potential timeline could be:

The Worlds of Android >>Strange Flesh >> Free Fall >>Golem >> Mimic >>Rebel >> Monster Slayer >> Monitor >> Exodus


As always, let me know if anyone comes up with a different interpretation...

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Welp, it's a few months later, but yeah, that's pretty accurate.  In terms of the chronology of the setting, the stories tend to be fairly ambiguous.  For example, Caprice Nisei is actually a main character in both Strange Flesh and Exodus, but there's no particular order in which they need to be read.  If you're going to read them all, you might want to put Free Fall as early as possible.  I don't love it--really, it reads very much like a game of Android, but with a lot more explanation and background detail, which makes it a good introduction.

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