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Xwing Streaming and Recording: Getting Started

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Trying to scour the forums and internet for info about setting up xwing stream is not fun. Figure we can make one main thread that anyone who is interested in starting their own streams can go to for all the answers. More experienced people, please reply.

Here is what I got so far:


This video was extremely helpful in setting up OBS for streaming:


Here is video of how to use tabletop.to squad list overlay:


To get dicetray overlay effect in OBS:


  1. Use a blue box, or either paint or use something like blue painters tape to cover the inside of a box (like a shoebox lid) to be used to roll dice.
  2. Setup another video capture device in OBS using a second camera pointing down at the box. 
  3. Apply a filter to crop just the blue box.
  4. Apply a Chroma Key filter. You can start with Blue configuration, but may have to go to Custom and select a darker/lighter blue, as sometimes green dice can be taken out depending on lighting/type of dice/camera quality.

Data Usage for streaming if not on unlimited (red is most commonly used for streaming):

LD 240p 3G Mobile @ H.264 baseline profile 350 kbps (3 MB/minute)
LD 360p 4G Mobile @ H.264 main profile 700 kbps (6 MB/minute)
SD 480p WiFi @ H.264 main profile 1200 kbps (10 MB/minute)
HD 720p @ H.264 high profile 2500 kbps (20 MB/minute or ~1.2GB/hour)
HD 1080p @ H.264 high profile 5000 kbps (35 MB/minute)


Quick Record Guide:

Get the best webcam,goPro,camera that you can afford. I bought Logitech webcam that works pretty good, but not great.

Then get...

One of these stands:


One of these to mount the camera to the stand:


I also bought a cheap $25 webcam and a table mounted arm stand for the dice cam box:


If using a laptop to record you can get some usb extensions for the cameras:


And you might need some type of USB hub if your laptop is lacking usb ports:



Here is a video I did (no audio):

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