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Docking Bay 327 (Martin's painting workshop)

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#73 Had a bit of break from X-Wing because some friends got me into Gaslands but had a game and got slaughtered by triple Silencers so remembered that I never got around to this Empire era Silencer that I wanted to do.
1. Administratum Grey + Nuln Oil = Pretty darn close Imperial Grey look.
2. Those panels on the inside are a real b!tch to get to.
3. No primer, just a matt coat because I really didn't want to paint panels.
Administratum Grey base
Nuln Oil all over
semi-gloss Mr Super Clear all over
Ardcoat over the Abbadon Black canopy as usual
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#75 This is the big one! After returning to X-Wing from gaslands I have much more confidence now with modding and I always hated how ugly the Decimator looked. Now I have one that I am proud to fly after getting rid of that dopey conservatory window. It also looks a lot more aggressive now, see what I did there?
1. Cut off the fuselage, chopped it in half and glued the cockpit back after inverting it. This left a huge hole underneath so I filled it with the fuselage of a IG Aggressor and some blister card plastic to fill in the 2 holes that were left. I also relocated the flimsy turrets so they don't stick out and get bent as easily.
2. I used Acetone to try to dismantle the model so it left some really ugly melted parts that were really hard to restore. Next time I'll try to avoid using it if i can.
3. I was a bit intimidated by the size compared to the other models (looking at you Jedi) but found that it wasn't too bad. The panels make it easy to just move around and build up the shades.
4. Detailing this was quite easy too as i just picked out the small panels in green and and exposed wiring with the metal.
5. First time with Vallejo Metal Color and I absolutely agree with all the rave reviews. This paint is amazingly smooth, thin and opaque. I am considering getting rid of all my Citadel Metals. It's so smooth it feels like there is some enamel spirit in it.
6 I also got these really nice flat metal pieces from a supplementary Gundam kit to be glued on and once you prime over them they look part of the model. Great for adding more details to parts that look too flat.
Black Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500
White Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 dusting from the bottom
Combinations of Contrast Black Templar, Contrast Basilicanum Grey, Corvus Black, Abbadon Black, Eshin Grey, Mechanicus Standard Grey and Dawnstone for some paneling
Masked off stripes with Mephiston Red
Black Tamiya Panel Liner
Vallejo Metal Color Magnesium and Moot Green for some tiny details
Lothern Blue and Ceramite White glazed for the engine glow
Semi-gloss Mr Super Clear all over
Ardcoat over the Abbadon Black canopy as usual with added Blood Angels Red for the tint
Also on the Engines

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