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Docking Bay 327 (Martin's painting workshop)

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#29 Been wanting to do this for a while but couldn't decide if it should be a T65, T70 or T85. Well I decided to keep it classic, cheers Mr. McQuarrie. Thank you for your amazing work.
1. Kept the primer light so the details don't get filled in. Mr Hobby helps, the particles are just so fine. But because of that I still did a base coat of white where the original paint was still showing through.
2. I broke my record for thinnest handsfree line on the wings I think. Or maybe it's just the same size which is the tip of the brush. Nerve wracking either way. Had to touch up the white line in the orange stripes on the nose too.
3. Tamiya tape this time for the nose pattern. I also cheated and only did 3 but there are supposed to be 5 stripes. Ssh.
4. Pencil weathering props to Barry Harker for his tips. Some straight up drawn lines but mostly smearing with my finger. For the big flat part under the nose I pencilled my finger first then rubbed it on. Think I over did it though...
White Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500
Ceramite White base
Yriel Yellow with a touch of Troll Slayer Orange for the stripes
Administratum Grey and Dawnstone for the other stripes and details
Screaming Skull for the nose
Light Grey Tamiya Panel Liner and a bit of Black
Ardcoat over the Abbadon Black canopy as usual

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#22 Yeah, my numbering is correct. I did this guy in June but I didn't want to leak this sick update online, but now that the image is out I should be in the clear. Anyway this is based on the images of Ep IX with the Poe's new ride at the back. My cleanest X-Wing due to being all new paint job and stuff. But I really dig how the white came out and the shading on the orange.
1. Mr Hobby's Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 to start again. This stuff is gold.
2. Easy to lay white over the white primer so no issue there. I tried this with Apothecary White Contrast paint but not really feeling it. Just makes it feel thick with not much definition. Maybe because i'm working with the white. I'll give Black Templar a go sometime.
3. The orange went on really easy and the tactic here to get the straight lines is to go with thin lines and try to build towards it. A bit like sculpting. This is because white isn't so easy to cover up mistakes but I still had to do that at a few parts.
4. The blue was easy to go on once the orange was totally dry but challenging to lay down lines that thin with a consistent width. But I did use tape for the small tiny 'stripes'
White Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500
White Scar Base
Troll Slayer Orange for the layer
Teclis Blue accents
Mechanicus Standard Grey for engine parts
Tamiya light grey panel liner for the details
Reikland shade over the orange
Ardcoat over the Abbadon Black canopy as usual

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