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"Long Beards" X Wing players

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50+ years old X Wing players. Not many, but numbers increasing. You are Star Wars fan. You like games. But you must work hard to build your career as (insert your job here). Marriage. $$$$ to buy your house. Children. 

And at least your kids grow up. Finished paying the mortgage on your house. No need to work till exhaustion. 

So relax a little. Always SW fun. Darth Vader action figure on that corner. OTS films VHS, DVD, Blue Ray. X Wing Miniatures Game? Mmmmmm. Sounds good.

Ask about this. Buy iconic ships. Be polite. Play one intro game. Got caught into plastic crack. 

A few "Long Beards" in my area. I am "only" 45, too young. Also never stopped wargaming, this is my main hobby. A "Long Beard" played some tabletop games when he was a young, slim student. Then 20, 25, 30 years of Full Stop. Now playing again. 

The "Long Beard" plays a game to simply relax and enjoy X Wing. Better B Wings or Tie Advanceds. Kimogilas? Are you playing Star Wars? Perhaps Star Trek ship? Never heard about it. 

No need to show your macho skills. Man, you are playing with a Judge. And he is enjoying the game like a kid. Peeew peeeeew. 

Perfect X Wing Player if you are a Store Owner. He plays a couple of games per week. And buys new stuff on a regular basis. 

Also "Long Beards" are quite friendly. Polite. They enjoy learning from young but much better players. "Really? Mmmmm...". "Squad Builder App....mmmm". 

So many ways to play X Wing...

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I'm the same age (but I've turned into a semi-serious X-Wing player than a casual). It's weird sometimes to talk about gaming with other X-Wing players and realise I've been gaming (RPGs) for longer than they've been alive.

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