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Han Poe list Stockholm regionals.

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So I participated in the Stockholm regionals this weekend.
I've played in some tourneys before, but never placed myself anywhere near the top cut.

I practiced alot before the tourney, both on Vassal and in real life.
After alot of tweaking i ended up with Poe and Han.

Young Han:
Veteran instincts
Hotshot co-pilot
Engine Upgrade

Poe (PS9):
Veteran instinct
Flight-Assist Astromech
Advanced optics
Black one

I didn't really have any high hopes going, since i haven't ever performed before in a tourney.

Game 1:
"Quickdraw" + Veteran Instincts + Special Ops Training + Fire-Control System + Guidance Chips + Cruise Missiles
Darth Vader + Veteran Instincts + Cruise Missiles + Advanced Targeting Computer + Guidance Chips + TIE/x1
The Inquisitor + Veteran Instincts + Tie/v1 + Guidance Chips + Cruise Missiles

My opponent had great issue whether he would take initiative by himself or give it to me.

He ended up giving it to me, negating me the possibility to black one his target locks.
We placed our squads in a head on, both of us feeling comfortable jousting.

I slowplayed turn 1, getting that precious Focus on Poe. he did some slower manouvers towards me, setting up a alphastrike.
Turn 2 ended up with Han on range 1 to Inquisitor, and out of arc from QD , but Darth had a range 2 shot.
Poe ended up in a range 3 shot from Darth and QD, and range 2 from Inquisitor.
Han shoots first, rolling one hit on Inquistor, he evades as Hotshot procs, Han gets to use Gunner and manages to roll 3 hits. Inquistor rolls 1 natural evade without any focus to help him, losing both his shields.
Poe gets to shoot at Inquisitor before he gets the possibility to shot back, and without Focus he gets blown of the board turn 2.
 Darth and QD tries to do damage on Poe, but with Autothrusters and a focus, he ends up losing one shield.

Following turns ends up in a bumpfest , negating QD or Darth to take any good actions.
Some shots here and there, nothing special.
Eventually, Han gets a range one on QD, with a focus token.
After Han reroll, i rolled 1 hit, 2 focus and 1 blank, i chose to not spend focus, QD rolls atleast 1 evade with hotshot triggering, Gunner procs, and with focus i end up with 3 hits and a crit.
With no focus, Quickdraw lost all his shields and suffer one crit, blinded pilot! So no returnshot from quickdraw!
I ended up winning 100-0 and giving me a perfect start.

Second game i met a similar list, with Imperial aces.
I got a good start , taking no damage and Darth Vader getting out with 1 hull left.
A couple of more rounds and the match was over, 100-0

Third game ended up with my only loss in the first day.
I met a real meta-list, Kanan Jarrus/Fenn/Ezra, Kanan with maul crew.
He accidently bumped his Fenn into the ghost, leaving him tokenless with both Poe and Han landing some clean shots, making Fenn explode into small pieces.
But 4 dice primary and some TLT shots was far to much for me to handle, not being able to do enough damage to the ghost.
I lost 100-52

Fourth game were a mirror match, Han vs Poe.
My opponents drew the shortstraw and i ended up with initiative. So no targetlocks and one ship had no Focus in combat.
I won 100-60. 

Fifth game got me worried, I faced a list I've never played against before.
Bossk and Nym.
Bossk got a crit into Han early in the game, removing his Gunner.
No real problem, since Han realized he could just roll 3 or 4 natural hits each turn, and as i had managed to get behind the Bossk, and killing Nym, the game was over.
A 100-30 win to me.

Im 4-1 and the last game comes up.
I face Chiraneu with Palp and Kylo and QD+expertise, a similar list to me that rely on firepower.
Since i have higher Pilotskill then both of their ships, i realize the sooner the better i remove some firepower the better.
So we end up in a joust and turn 2 i get Han and Poe into R1 of QD, and with some good diceresults i managed to oneshot QD, the return shot into Han+ Chiraneu's shots remove Han's shields and making him get PS0, but with QD out of the way, and no evade dice on Chiraneu, i won after 14,5 minutes and securing my place in top8. 

I ended up in third place, with almost 900 MoV.

Day 2 did not go good at all, i think my inexperience and mostly my nerves made nothing go my way.

But i love this list and i recommend it to anyone tired of playing against harpoon missiles or PS11 Aces.

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