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An Unlikely Pair

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[I.E. This is me having fun after me and my wife created characters for Legacy of Dragonholt.]

"Oyez! Oyez! Gather around honest citizens of Terrinoth and listen to the tale of Thorgil Stonevoice the storyteller and Verity, whom you may know as: Temperance or Charity, the famous Gnome Brawler! Thorgil Stonevoice was an old and respected dwarven bard from the dwarven hold of Dunehaven. Tall for a dwarf, Thorgil always kept his gray beard well groomed and the jewels in his beard well polished. You must have heard of Thorgil for his legendary respect for traditions, elders, truth and ancestors. Everywhere he went, he carried Truth, his Warhammer, and Honor, his wooden shield. However, remember that even if Thorgil was always armed and a duelist without equals, he always believed that words are shaper than any blade. As such, he would always try to solve problem diplomatically if possible. He has known Charity, the young Wanderer Gnome, since she was babe. Her father, a goat-caravan owner, often visited Dunehaven, where he would spend numerous hours listening to the stories of his good friend Thorgil Stonevoice. Thorgil quickly grew attached to the young gnome, which he considered like a daughter.

Oh... and Temperance! One should not forget about Temperance! Or Verity! Or Charity! Temperance had long braided red hair, and her pet mouse, Nosey, was always perched on her shoulder. Impetuous and reckless, Temperance got her first nickname for how often she inadvertently got herself in trouble! Her second nickname, Verity, came from her uncontrollable habit of "enhancing" the truth. Finally, Charity really, but really, liked shiny things. To a point where they inexplicably, at least if you ask Charity, ended up in her pocket. While Charity may not sound like a hero, do not forget that for all her missteps, she always was a well intentioned and thoughtful Gnome. For Temperance, Friendship is worth more than all the shiny things!

The story of this unlikely pair begins in 1847, when Thorgil, having finally learned all of the tales of his people finally decided to leave his home of Dunehaven in search of the tales of the "other" folks. Having shared is desire of leaving with Temperance, she felt obligated to accompany the old Dwarf on his journey. She realized just how woolly unprepared the honest (or naïve) old Dwarf was to face the world with all it's dangers..."

The Characters:
Thorgil, Dunwar Dwarf, Skill: History, Devotion, Reasoning, Willpower, Performance, Persuasion, Dueling
Ideal: -Words are Sharper than blade.
           -Every story is worth remembering.

Verity, Wanderer Gnome, Skill: Streetwise, Stealth, Deception, Thievery, Brawling, Empathy
Ideal: -Friendship is worth more then all the shiny things.

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun with Character Creation. Even though, I doubt putting a lot of effort in Character creation is useful since this is mostly a create your own adventure game. This being said, we had fun and that's probably what counts. We both worked equally on both characters, but I'm 100% sure I'll have to play the Dwarf!

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