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Bad Luck 13

Fett and Ketsu

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I'm looking for any suggestions on this list. I mostly play casual with friends, but am looking to start playing more competitively. I'm running Ketsu with adaptability specifically for her ability to shoot first and tractor a target for boba's clusters. Being able to land 2 tractor beam tokens on a target really helps fett's alpha strike.


Firespray-31: •Boba Fett (51)
        Guidance Chips (0)
        •Slave I (0)
        Fearlessness (1)
        K4 Security Droid (3)
        Cluster Missiles (4)
        Glitterstim (2)
        Extra Munitions (2)

Pursuit Craft: •Ketsu Onyo (49)
        Gyroscopic Targeting (2)
        •Shadow Caster (3)
        Adaptability (+1) (0)
        •Dengar (3)
        Glitterstim (2)
        Burnout Slam (1)

Total:  100/100


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