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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Disciples of the Dark Gods (Questions 91-100)

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91. Is Saint Cullgard a Calixian saint? From the opening quote "Discord within the Powers Temporal and Spiritual”
———— > If you want it to be so, sure. When it’s not spelled out then it’s up to the GM. (and even when it is spelled out)
92. Concerning the crime of Abstraction, is the "star chamber" of Hredin's Cerpicia Precint incident in any way connected to the idea of the Star Sanctum of Balecaster? Or is "star chamber" a term I'm just not familiar with?
———— > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Chamber
93. Given that the Scintillian and Maccabean versions of the Imperial Creed seem to have so much friction would they be united during the apostasy gambit in your opinion? Or would they be at odds?
———— > It could go either way really, possibly depending on how the GM has presented them in previous adventures. 
94. Information in the Core would have one think that the three major Navigator Houses in the Calixis are Banetek, Gazmati and Term'L, but Disciples states that they are Modar, Yeshar, and Rey'a'Nor. Did the developers have a final opinion on this?
———— > You can with whichever you like :)
95. Based on reading about Cabals in "Ordos, Conclaves, Cabals and Factions" would the Tyrantine Cabal disperse at the end of the Haarlock Legacy? Or are their goals more malign?
———— > “More malign” is always a good direction to take things in Dark Heresy.
96. In the Thorian Section when it mentions that Inquisitor Helgaer is rumoured to have the ear of the Lord Inquisitor is it referencing Caidin? Because there are at least a few Lord Inquisitors although feasibly any of their ears are valuable.
———— > If you want it to be so, sure. There is no full list of Inquisitors others refer to as Lords. 
97. Is an Aleph-Host something specific to Calixian Xanthites? Or is it a general piece of occult lore they've uncovered?
———— > They might believe it to be a secret, but there are likely others who have made a similar discovery.
98. Is Kasha a Calixian world? From the Xanthite Inquisitor section.
————— > It’s unclear, so up to you. This goes for any planet we mention, and it’s always possible there are multiple planets with the same name (or were assigned duplicate names due to Administratum errors). 
99. Do you know if Inquisitor Llor is a member of the Tyrantine Cabal, or if he is a lone operator?
————— > ditto. 
100. Availability/Price for "Vision" that the Polypsykana developed? What does it entail when it mentions "crude versions of major powers"? Effects that lead to mutation and even possesion?
———— > Probably 1k or more and Very Rare (or higher if you’re using DH2 rules). The GM can determine the less refined versions of a power it gives; these will be much blunter with less opportunities for finesse or subtlety. Sledgehammers instead of needles here. And yes, these are more raw so the GM should increase the chances for mutation and possession. 

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