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Melange Mining - question on the contract

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Hi all,

I have read some different answers on different forums and people seem to disagree on this.

Does the Melange Mining contract ("When an event card is resolved, if threat does not increase by at least 2, gain 3 capital") trigger if an event card places figures that move to the root?

In one other thread people seemed to suggest that that it applies only after the top part of the event card, but when reading the rules reference ("Event cards are resolved from top to bottom. Each event card contains three elements") I understand it to mean that if threat increases by placing new components that move to the root, Melange Mining shouldn't get capital from the contract since threat increases by 2 "when an event card is resolved".

Do we have a definitive answer on this?

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Resolving an event card includes placing units on the board and the movement of any units as a result. 

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