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Seeking first edition

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Does anyone have or know of any unwanted, decent condition first edition stuff- was gutted I missed out on some of the expansions/ lieutenants (they should have ported it all over and made a second edition kit or kits of first edition expansions and lieutenants, and a fixed (playability-wise) version of Sea of Blood would be nice too- still glad I did get that set.) I just got Sea of Blood, Well of Darkness and Tomb of Ice expansion wise- the rest sold out just as I was hoping to buy it.


I missed Road To Legend (d1e not the app!), Altar of Despair and all the lieutenants for d1e.


Please FFG rework the content (map tiles, lieutenants, playing tiles etc) for d2e.


Even Sea of Blood had some great pieces for maps/ custom games that you could use without playing SoB rules, I'd love to see a version that worked or maybe just the scenery ie map parts made use of for d2e.

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8 hours ago, tibia said:

Where did you get Tomb of Ice?

I got the two expansions I did get quite soon after getting the original D1E set- think I got them at the UK Games Expo- but sadly the things I didn't get had sold out when I had the cash to get them a few months later and never got reprinted :(

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