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Another Poe list. Read away

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Poe Dameron (HoTR) 41pts

Black One (1)

Integrated Astro (0)

VI (1)

R2-D2 (4)

Advanced Optics (2)

Fenn Rau (22)

Adaptability +1 (0)

Inspiring Recruit (1)

FAA (1)


Wullffwarro (37)

Selflessness (1)

Ezra (3)

Maul (3)

100 points total


One hitter, one tank, and one messer upper with some stress relief.


Thanks for reading!



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I dig the team. I would perhaps suggest dropping Poe down to PS 8 version with AT, keeping the rest of the build the same. Though keep in mind, BB-8 can give you free TL stripping. That's my fav.

Wulfy is A+

If you did downgrade R2-D2 to BB-8, you would have room for a bit more on Fenn. VI is great to coordinate at a higher PS. Kyle Katarn can be useful. So can PSR/Nien or R2 Astro.

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