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One Fist and Knight's Stalwart

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I'm sure this was once oficially answered, but probably long ago.

How does this feat:

"Use when you are defeated to perform 1 Melee attack. For each monster you defeat during this heroic feat, you may perform 1 additional Melee attack. Then, you are knocked out."

Interacts with this skill?:

"When you are defeated, you may inmediately move up to your speed and perform an attack with a Melee weapon. After the attack is resolved, you are knocked out."

Do note this is the H&M pack version of One Fist, not the Conversion Kit one, although the difference would be "just" the final number of attacks, I guess.

Thanks in advance.

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Found the answer here:

On 2/3/2016 at 1:13 PM, Zaltyre said:


Awhile ago, I asked about the combination of "Advance" and "Stalwart," and the response I got was this:


2a) Yes, a Knight who defeats a monster while using Stalwart may then exhaust Advance to move and attack before being defeated.
2b) There is not a timing conflict between Advance and Stalwart. Advance triggers when a figure is defeated and Stalwart when the attack is resolved, which are not simultaneous events. The defeat of the figure happens just before (and in fact often leads to) the resolution of the attack. This distinction is clearer in attacks that target multiple figures. The attack is not resolved at the time one figure is defeated, but after each figure has been dealt damage (defeated or not), the attack would then resolve.
So, given that, I would think that "Advance" would combo with any of the attacks in One Fist's heroic feat, but "Stalwart" would not.
That is, both "Stalwart" and the "heroic feat" trigger off of being defeated, and both require you to be knocked out at their resolution. You'd be able to resolve either, but not both. Advance could combo with either.


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